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[XBOX ADDONS] Tvcatchup 2.0 with EPG

Name: TVCatchup 2.0 with EPG
Addon ID: script.tvcatchup
Version Tested: 2.1.45
Repository: TVCatchup Repository
Status: Broken

Notes: slow on first run as it downloads tv listings and caches images. Requires to be signed in to view channels. Everything came up great and the program looks good however picking a stream doesn't make it play. Very memory intensive and ended up crashing my system as i navigated through the menus.

I also tried changing the streaming protocol from RTMP to HTTP but this also seemed to have no effect

Log: http://pastebin.com/4MdVwYN9
Always here to help members with xbmc4xbox
related issues. Also testing current xbox plugin compatibility
[Image: s_zpsarhdba5s.jpg]
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