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Audio Mute Icon
OK - I have inadvertently somehow managed to mute the sound while playing back a video and now have the red loudspeaker icon up at the top right hand side of the screen. I did this about a year ago as well and managed to correct it by doing something in the audio settings but unfortunately have now forgotten what I did  --- can somebody remind me how to get rid of the Icon and get the sound back?

You have of course muted the sound.
Getting sound back may depend on the type of device you are on, If using a remote or keyboard have you tried hitting the F1 may need to hit Fn and F1 at the same time.
[Image: nansig_bromerzz.png]
How to upload a log file:

I have Kodi on my PC (Windows 8.1) and tried both F1 and combination of F1 with Fn but neither had any effect. I am fairly certain that when it happened about a year ago I altered something within the Audio Settings of Kodi itself that got rid of the Red Loudspeaker Icon at top right hand side of main screen and returned the sound - just can't remember what I did now.

Can anyone else offer any assistance?
It's F10 isn't it?

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[Image: nansig_arb.png]
Just a further thought - when I pause the movie, you have the playback buttons appearing at the bottom left of the screen. On the bottom right hand side of the screen you get a further set of option buttons for video and audio settings. Pressing the Audio button brings up a list of audio settings in the middle of the screen, which can be adjusted to suit what you are watching at the time. The Icon on the Audio button is identical to that which appears at the top right hand side (except it does not have score through it).

Am I heading in right direction - I cannot see any unmute option which would get rid of the Red Loudspeaker Icon on top right hand side?
F10 it is - thanks for solving that little mystery for me - I'll now write it down so that I don't forget again!

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