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Stream embedded in Website - How to get m3u or web-player in kodi
Hello everybody,

I´m new at this board and new to Kodi/Xbmc. Till now I was able to watch all the wanted tv-channels over iptv. But my wife (from hungary) wants to look "home"-tv now too. So I treid to set it up easily like I did for myself. The problem is, there are just a few hungarian IPTV´s and so far none of them contains her fav channels (RTL Klub and TV2). But I found a website where these channels are embedded in a website:
(http://livestreamhunter.org/onlinetv/hungary/rtlklub2  - very down at this site you can see the streams)

These links are dynamic and change from day to day, so I want to open this website on Kodi and choose then from this website. Is there a browser or player where I can do sth like that? I´m just familiar with C#, delphi but java and python I didnt really used till now.

In general: I want to open a website with embedded videos, which are linked dynamicly and open them in a player on kodi.

Thank you very much!
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Have you tried GUL Live TV? Think that might have Hungarian channels. Do an addon search in Community Portal for it

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Thanks for that idea!

I added this but there is no "hungarian tv"-channel. Just in the world section are two hungarian channels. Unfortunately these are not the one´s I was searching for.

Is there any option to do open those files directly from the web-page on kodi?

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