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[COMMUNITY BUILDS] Everything you need to know
It's become a bit of a global sensation, the noobsandnerds Community Builds really have taken the world by storm so we thought it was about time you had a sticky thread explaining everything you need to know...

How to install a Community Build
The CP addon is far more advanced and superior to any other method out there - we're not trying to blow our own trumpet that's just a fact. Some users find it slightly more complicated because it has more options but it really can be as simple as you want it to be, as the site name suggests we cater for noobs and nerds so the relevant setup options are there no matter which category you fit into! Please visit this post for all the latest install instructions, as with all our sticky threads the first post is always updated with the latest information. If you've read the guide and you're STILL having problems please post in the relevant support thread with as many details as you can so we can help out. We really do need for you to help us before we can help you though - we aren't mind readers and we need to know as much info as you can give please. DO make sure you've read all the contents of that post before asking for help though as the chances are your issue is already explained in there already. Thanks.

How to create and upload a Community Build
Our system is very different from other options out there so if you're used to using some older style wizards just try and forget everything you think you know and come in with a fresh mind! The system here is very advanced but at the same time we've made it as simple as possible so anyone can easily upload a Community Build and have their name up in lights on the Community Builds Portal. You will need to read this thread, the first post is always updated with the very latest information so you shouldn't need to read any further than that. We highly recommend watching the youtube video created by DaButcher in that first post, it really does explain everything from the very basics of creating a build right up to uploading and you won't find a simpler (and factually correct) guide out there so please make sure you watch that and don't forget to have the sound enabled!

Specific Community Build Support
If you've got a question regarding a specific build you need to post in the official support thread for that build. The majority of build authors only check for new messages in their support thread so if you post anywhere other than that the chances are you won't get a reply. To find the support thread just search for the build via the Community Builds Portal and once you've found the build you want help with just click the Forum button which will take you direct to the support forum. Please check to see if your question has already been asked/answered before posting, thank you.

Community Portal (Add-on) Help
If you've got any problems with the actual addon please post in this section. To ensure you're answered and receive the correct advice please make sure you do the following 3 things:
  1. Search for an existing thread that may have already answered your question, if you can't find it then create a new topic but MAKE SURE you give it a relevant title. Please do not just call it something like "need help" or "addon error" - we need descriptive titles that give a rough idea as to what the problem is, this is not only for our benefit but all forum users who may be looking for similar answers.
  2. As with all posts please give as many details as you can, when does this error occur, what device are you on, what version of Kodi are you using, what build are you trying to install... basically anything that can help us try and replicate the error.

  3. If you received a script failed error message in Kodi make sure you restart Kodi, go to addon settings and enable the debugging option, recreate the error in as little amount of steps as possible and then upload a log. If you entered your email address in the settings you will now have an email from xbmclogs.com with a link to your log, this is what we need. NEVER post logs directly on the forum, it's only the URL we need and posting large amounts of untidy code on the forum will not be tolerated. It's very simple to upload a log and the foundation created the xbmclogs.com website for exactly this purpose so please use it correctly. Thanks.

Charging for builds
We strongly believe against charging for builds, you can find full details here. In a nutshell the NaN team believe XBMC/Kodi has always been about sharing and doing things for the love of the community as a hobby and NOT a money making scheme. If a developer wants to charge for their hard work on an addon then that's their choice but for someone to charge for redistributing those addons (which they have no affiliation with) we are very much against. Yes creating builds is time consuming, if you enjoy doing it then do it for the love of Kodi NOT for financial gain.

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