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FULL List Of All Kodi Command Resources
The various built-in modules available in Kodi makes it possible to create some seriously powerful addons. Calling these functions is fairly simple and details can usually be found in the top paragraph of each resource listed below:

Kodi PyDocs: Index of Modules - A full list of every function that's available along with examples, not the simplest to follow at times but if there's a function you need help with then this is definitely the place you should refer to for some examples. Have a look through and you'll no doubt find plenty of great commands you never even knew existed!

(Wiki) List of built-in functions - This must be one of the most frequented wiki pages for devs, it lists all the functions you can use and the parameters that can be passed through.

(Wiki) List of boolean conditions - If you need to use something that returns true or false then use one of these conditions in your statement.

(Wiki) Opening windows and dialogs - A list of all the various media windows you can open e.g. ActivateWindow(Videos,MovieTitles)

(Wiki) window IDs - A full list of every Window and dialog ID, these can be used in conditional statements to find out if a particular dialog/window is open or you can use them to open/close certain windows and dialogs.

(Wiki) infoLabels - A list of labels that can be used to grab information from the system. There are a LOT of labels available and can be very powerful when used in conditional statements. For example maybe you want to know if Kodi is currently playing an item and while it's playing do not execute a command - all this sort of thing can be done via labels and a simple while loop.

(Wiki) Action IDs - Full list of all the available action IDs you can use, as a simple example if you use with the Action(Left) command it would send a left button press to kodi.

(Wiki) Special protocol - Another very useful function is the special paths that you can use, if you want to get the location of a path such as your userdata folder but you need it to be universal and work on all devices you would need to use the special path. Be aware that when writing a file to a special path you do need to use the xbmc.translatePath() function to convert it to the real path first.

(Wiki) JSON-RPC - Official blurb: Version 6 is a stable version of Kodi's JSON-RPC API and is published with the release of v12 (Frodo). It continues to be used for v13, v14, v15 and v16 (Jarvis). It comes with support for WebSockets as an alternative transport for third party clients. Using WebSockets will allow webinterfaces (which are currently restricted to the HTTP transport only) to get access to a bidirectional transport with Kodi's JSON-RPC API and can therefore also profit from additional features like notifications
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