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How to submit an addon to the Add-on Portal
Here at TotalXBMC our aim is to give a completely unbiased and user friendly solution enabling users to search for add-ons which is where the Add-on Portal comes in. The site is designed to be a free community based website so there is absolutely no cost to you for submitting your addons, the more repositories we have the better it is for the community Smile

We now have options on the Addon Portal page where users can add new repositories and addons themselves directly via a web form. You can even add your own video guides, edit the genre tags, mark the working/broken status, add useful notes etc.

This is aimed to be a useful community resource for users to share details of compatibility reports, known bugs etc. No links to the add-on downloads are displayed on the site.
A thank you is really all that's needed but if you want to buy me a drink then who am I to argue!

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This is a message to any addon developers out there:

The Addon Portal and Total Installer have been coded so that live status information can be shown, this means that if you know your addon is currently experiencing problems (whether down to a website change or whatever) you can add the <broken> tag. This code has always been there and the tag is not a new one we made up - it's been used in XBMC addons for many years (same as the very under-used "deleted" tag).

How Does It Work?:
If you add some text between the broken tags it will appear when users search for your addon and they will be updated with the latest details. If text exists in this section you will see a notification when searching for that particular addon that says "reported as broken" and the user can then click on the description to see exactly what the problem is. This is a great way to let your users know if there are any known bugs/problems and should save lots of duplicate messages on the forums.

Won't This Stop XBMC/Kodi From Installing My Addon?
If you were to edit the addon.xml and push to the repo then yes it would be marked as broken and Kodi would refuse to install. However the Addon Portal code is designed to scrape repo's every 12 hours and it only checks the addons.xml file in the root of your directory so this means there is no need to change the md5 file and push a new commit. All you need to do is add a broken label to the relevant section in addons.xml (you can edit text files directly on the github and googlecode websites) and Kodi will not see this as broken as it uses the md5 file. This means it's extremely simple to update your users, just edit a text file on the fly and the details will appear on the portal that same day. Of course the simpler solution would be to use the web form on the portal to edit the status and you don't have to touch the addon.xml but I realise some devs prefer to be in total control of their content which is why I've offered the addon.xml as an option. However using the portal is very simple, just mark as broken and then when the version number gets bumped that broken tag will disappear until someone adds another note that it's broken. It it's permanently broken please help the community by marking it as such in your addon.xml with a brief description in the broken tags of why it's broken.

Can I Use This Information In My Addon?
Of course you could now get your addon to display any known issues when running by checking that tag in your addons.xml file or if you prefer I may be able to create a php database lookup based on the addon ID that returns the relevant information. Updating the broken tag literally takes seconds to do as there is no need to push anything, it's all done via the edit button on the website.

Any questions feel free to ask Smile
A thank you is really all that's needed but if you want to buy me a drink then who am I to argue!

[Image: 11i3ihd.jpg]

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