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What I'm wondering is can I upload a skins to the communityportal community builds, the build will obv be a blank build no addon or data but is a custom skin to add to people's current addon config I've backed it up as a universal build and tested and installed it on the community portal using download option 2 keep profiles and library but I removed it as soon as testing was successful as I don't know if u allow blank builds like I say it's for adding to users existing addons/data/configs so download option 2 is the only option to use

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You can't upload it as a blank build but you can upload your skin to the addon portal for people to download.

Check here.

[Image: nansig_arb.png]
Cheers anyway m8 ill try the addon portal but I'm doubtful it's more of a build skin then stnd skin comes with e.g rss feeds, multiimages set up menu bars in correct position and displaying correct num of menu item ,download option 2 worked flawlessly as a skin wizard jus a shame I can't use it

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I'd agree with ARB on that, if you've edited the actual skin files then you should probably put it on a repo so people can install that way and it could then be scanned into the add-on portal. If you've edited images then just pack them back up into the textures.xbt file and change the names of the menus in the actual skin and link to whatever you want via the actual skin itself rather than skin data / guisettings.xml.

If it's really just some edited files and not actually a skin mod then best bet is to use the new NaN keywords as that's what it was designed for. Just zip it up and give it a keyword so people can install it, full details of how to achieve this can be found in the CP section of the forum.
Yes keyword would be excellent for it. Quick and easy way to install
[Image: nansig_arb.png]

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