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M8 Android Box - Audio Output Device is Greyed Out
Hi Folks,

I'm very new to using Kodi, so would really appreciate some simply guidance on resolving my current problem, which remains constant whether in HDMI or optical cable connection modes. I've checked the cables on other devices and they work. The M8 box purchased from Amazon came with Kodi 14.1 and Fusion installed on it, which worked well for a few days. Several updates were installed in that period and in a final update all audio output ceased. I thought this may have been because Kodi 15.1 was available and the updates may have been based on that version, so I updated to Kodi 15.1, with Husman using factory reset and cleaned the cache.  However, when I go into system/settings/system/audio settings, in expert mode, the output device is greyed out and displays "android audiotrack". Furthermore, I cannot access pass-through or any other associated settings, which are also greyed out.  I've been on several sites and this problem seems to have been flagged up by a few users, nevertheless, there does not seem to be a fix reported anywhere. I really like the device and its capability, but, this problem  does not seem resolvable even via a factory reset. Can you please help me to resolve these issues so that I may enjoy the functionality of my android TV box.

Hope You Can Help & Many Thanks for reading this Post

Best Regards

Not sure if this will fix it but try installing Kodi 14.2 I find that to be the most stable and hassle free.
[Image: nansig_arb.png]

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