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Skins that work on XBMC4XBOX
Many of the skins out there don't seem to work properly for XBOX.  Please post all the working ones here. 

I have tried the following and they seem to work:

Confluence Lite (although in 720P with component cable there seem to be a slight interlace problem.  It is only noticeable when you are up close)
I have been working on getting an xbox skin repo setup and introduced into the Addon Portal but it was messing things up and needs some code changes.

Mainbranch skins will not work without being modified but I'll try and get the xbox skin repo up and running soon.

In the meantime you could check on xbmc4xbox.org.uk where you'll find a skins section on the forum, there's some really good ones on there.
Transparency for Xbox, RapierClarityMod, both by Byron at xbmc4xbox forums are my favorites.
(08-07-2014, 08:02 AM)lugdor link Wrote:Transparency for Xbox, RapierClarityMod, both by Byron at xbmc4xbox forums are my favorites.

Thanks for the tips!  Is there a download link for those 2 skins?  I suppose I can just upload it to the XBMC directory on my XBOX to make it work?
@ lugdor...much thanks ;D

@ wchusky...rapier-clarity-mod is a skin that  I've put a ton of work into...transparency (x4x) was mostly just to prove that a mainline skin could be ported but does work (not as efficient). 

rapier-clarity-mod is really fast, very customizable (backgrounds, themes, ram saving options, etc...) and all around pretty easy to use.  Try it out, it'll make the xbox experience legit as far as speed and leftover ram...there are also other skins out there too.  I'm actually in the middle of revamping the media controls right now (almost finished actually), so an update will be available soon.  whufclee had asked me to add this to an xbox skin repo, and I will just as soon as I finish this.
Nice one Byron welcome aboard.

Think i will fire the old girl up for the first time in ages and try this out.

Welcome aboard byron, I actually have a dedicated xbox skin repo setup and can give you admin rights so just contact me if interested.

Yeah you guys should try out the rapier skin byron has done, it's really good. Because I'm always testing, reinstalling etc. I'm usually stuck on the Confluence skin, I do really like it but I've had it for years now and it's getting a bit boring so may have to revert back to rapier Smile

Also byron did you see that post on xbmc4xbox regarding the script that converts mainbranch skins into xbox skins? It's a WIP but looked promising, however obviously to optimise  them a simple script won't do the job and like you've said before stripping out all the external calls should massively improve speed. A tedious job no doubt but well worth it, keep up the good work.
Whufclee, if you are trusting enough I'd like to have commit permission on that repo too. I have a few other skins that are compatible that can be upped. But I am certain there's room for the collective wisdom to optimize and fix things on each one.

xTV, Mosiac, SLiK, JX720, and Xbox-Classic are all compatible if not mostly working.

xTV, in particular, is one I'd love to see tidied and proper.

I also have a few texture .xprs for various skins that wouldn't hurt to commit to the repo. Someday each of these skins could have a variety of themes available.

Perhaps Dom will be willing to put XBox Extended on the repo as well. I think he is the only one still actively developing skins that hasn't given a nod to putting his stuff on SVN.

Bello and Back Row are also on Byron's SVN repo. Another user is working on Conq but has a long road ahead. (Pretty sure the most recently uploaded Conq version froze my Xbox)

With those mentioned I think I've covered most of the compatible skins available for the Xbox.

Great news to have another fellow xbox enthusiast on the forum. Im hoping whuf will be able to update the forum at some point once hes back from his trip. He going to add a dedicated section just for the xbox. tbh i never thought of an xbox compatible skins section but this would be very worthwhile indeed.

You seem to know alot about the skins etc so any help you could give with this section would be very much appreciated. This is one area i lack abit in as i always use the same skin and have little knowledge of new or updated skins
Always here to help members with xbmc4xbox
related issues. Also testing current xbox plugin compatibility
[Image: 8xkdpz.jpg]
Aye... I haven't been here in a few weeks but there's plenty to be excited about. The installer alone looked very promising when I installed it and glanced at it earlier today.

In the next couple days maybe I'll be useful for other things. Smile we'll see...

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