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How To Install The Community Portal
New Install Instructions:
Just add http://noobsandnerds.com/portal - as a source in Kodi File Manager and name it something like .noobs. Go to system->addons->install from zip->.noobs then click the noobsandnerds_repo.zip file. You'll then find the repository is installed and if you go to System>Addons>Get Addons>noobsandnerds repo>programs> you will be able to click on the Community Portal and install it. Once installed you'll find it in programs.

Add-on won't update to latest version:
There was an issue with older versions causing conflicts and stopping the repository from updating anything so if you're still stuck on v.2.1.6 the simple fix is just go to the noobsandnerds keywords option in the add-on and type in "cpfix". That should reinstall the correct files and fix any conflicts. If you've already uninstalled the old version this isn't going to help you and unfortunately you're going to have to get your hands a bit dirty! Read on...

Delete any instances of totalrevolution/totalinstaller/noobsandnerds/communitybuilds  from /addons/
Delete packages folder - this holds old zips of installed add-ons so if you don't delete this when you reinstall it may install the version you have in there.
Delete /userdata/database/addons19.db - this tells Kodi what add-ons are installed (inc. version number), it will just be repopulated after a restart. The number 19 in the filename may well be different on your system, you should ONLY have one addons.db file in there, if you have more they are leftovers from old installs and can safely be deleted.

(Optional) Delete /userdata/addon_data/<addon_folder> - this contains all your add-on settings like username/passwords. Always worth deleting this as there may be old conflicting data in there.

If you have any script errors please use the reset option in the add-on settings (under the maintenance tab)

Problems logging in?
We've been made aware there may be an issue in the code with regards to passwords that contain special characters. we're pretty sure this has now been fixed and have not heard of any issues in quite a while but if you have issues and you have special characters in the password just change your password in the profile section of the forum.

1. Username in the Community Portal must be your forum username NOT your email address.
2. Password contains special characters. If your password has special characters try changing it to standard numbers/text.
3. You somehow have an old version of the Community Portal, install the new one using the instructions above.
4. There may be some conflicting data in your addon_data folder, use the reset option in the add-on settings.
5. Due to new servers still being optimized you may find it a little slower some days than the old server, this is still being worked on so if you get empty lists you may need to just try again or wait until later in the day.
6. If you get script errors when trying to install builds or addons we can't do anything unless you provide a link to a log file - there is an "upload log" option in the addon settings and that will email you a link which you need to post up on the forum with details of what your problem is.
Runing KODI 17.3 SPMC 16.7.1  on: 2 x Mac Mini's, MacbookPro : TRMK1 Finless trmk1v1 rom,TLBBv2 OE, Amazon Fire TV, Minix Neo G4, Minix Neo X5 X7 X8, 2 x HTC Ones, Nexus 7 v2, 3 x Tesco Hudl v2, Toshiba Excite 10"
hi i still cant log in on new total installer comunity builds ive changed password and still cant log in any ideas
Roy it could be the space you have in your username
[Image: nansig_arb.png]
Something is wrong with this new installer it is crashing my boxes and crashing Kodi as well.  Something in your new code seems to have taken over my system.
Hi Bmsyko. First off I'd respectfully point you in the direction of the forum rules regarding duplicate posts. I see you have already posted this else where on the forum. Secondly I highly doubt that it is Total Installer that is causing the issues with your box, thousands of people are using the addon everyday without issue. If indeed it was as you say the code taking over systems then it would happen to everyone.

Your problem sounds like a firmware issue.
[Image: nansig_arb.png]
Sorry about that I noticed I had posted in the wrong area, it says introduce yourself not introduce your problem
I'm currently away so can't help but first of all where is your log file please? If you're getting script errors that will explain what on your system is causing the errors. Secondly nothing in the code runs as a service so nothing is being run in the background doing stuff, it will either work when you try and run it or it won't. Enable debugging and check your log to see what services are running, I can assure you Total Installer isn't. If it's not working for you the worst that would happen is you wouldn't be able to use the add-on, it wouldn't affect anything else.
No really it is true as soon as I updated all hell broke loose.  You may be right firmware issue. I just know all was fine until the install than all of a sudden crash after crash after crash.  I removed it from my system had to actually do a factory reset now my system is stable but I'm afraid to add your software back.  My friend is using Ouya same thing happened to him.  So I'm thinking you may be right firmware.  However it loaded fine to my Fire TV but if I try to restore any builds that were created under the older version of community build the guisettings file won't load error everytime.
As I say, if you can get a log the next time it happens that should give a better idea of what's causing the problem but it's impossible for TI to cause any problems as it doesn't run as a background service. It checks online when you run it to see if a newer version is available, if there is one it will download the zip and overwrite the existing TI. Other than that what you do from there is in your hands, that's the closest the add-on gets to being classed as a service.

The basic facts are these:

Could an add-on you've installed via TI cause problems? Potentially yes but very unlikely

Could a Community Build contain code that causes problems? Again yes it could but there's been no reports to suggest this.

Could bad firmware cause problems? Absolutely.

Could I code the add-on to have malicious code that breaks your system? Just like any other piece of software you install (on any device) it's up to the end user to put trust in the developer, if you don't trust them don't install. By installing any software you run the risk of it having malicious code and so yes just like any other developer i COULD put malicious code in there but I have no interest in doing this and it's completely against all the ethics I believe in. End of the day it's your call whether or not you use the software, if you want to use it then great but if you don't then that's also fine but please do not claim I've put out malicious code after I've spent a year of coding to create this for the community. If someone wanted to create an add-on that wipes your install they could easily do it in a few hours (if not minutes) so to suggest I'd spend the last year creating this to break peoples system is ridiculous.
I just saw your response and I have to tell you there is no way I was trying to say you maliciously wrote bad code.  Please don't think that, you are taking it way to the dark side.  I think what you offer here is wonderful.  Maybe I used the wrong word, I said code but what the hell do I know...NOTHING.  I'm so sorry didn't mean to offend you.
What I was trying to say that something in the new version does not agree with my device and when you said firmware you are probably right. The device that is having problems does have old firmware and it came rooted whatever that may mean  and the same thing happened to my friend who is running an Ouya those are old as well. Works perfectly on my newer devices. Just curious if anyone else with an older device will have issues with the new v.2.0. I have used your wonderful software before on this same box and had a flawless experience. One last question if I used the older community build app to back up my build will it effect the restore process if I use the new v.2 to restore it? They use to restore perfectly but now smooth sailing until part 2 guiesettings won't install at all immediate error. Could it be that the backup was from a fire stick?  Are they ok to do a back up on? 

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