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VERY IMPORTANT: Respect the license
I just realised this has been posted elsewhere on the site (in other threads) but it hadn't stickied and it's hugely important so here we go, MAKE SURE you follow this...

Abide by the license and respect the ethics of OpenSource
Remember the ethics XBMC was born on, everything is opensource and without the the ethics that go with OpenSource software Kodi would just be yet another media player (no pun intended for those that know your history!). If you've used code from another developer ALWAYS credit them in the code and if you've used a considerable amount of their code (ie you've forked one of their addons) then the very least you should be doing is crediting them as developers in the add-on.

Often hundreds if not thousands of hours go into creating an add-on and if you wish to use code from an existing add-on the very least you can do is credit the original authors. I feel very strongly about this and anybody caught passing others hard work off as their own will end up with not only a ban but their add-on could also be blacklisted. Having an add-on blacklisted is not a good thing, your add-on description will be changed to explain to users what an unethical person you are, it will explain the code has been stolen and it will also not be possible to install the add-on from any of my installer add-ons. I can't stress how seriously this issue is taken at TotalXBMC, make sure you show RESPECT to all developers who have helped you in creating your add-on (whether they've given personal advice or you've used sections of their code).

By being a user on the forum you should have already read the site rules (linked to at the top of every forum page) and you'll know we don't have many Smile. All we ask is for everyone who posts on the forum to act in a decent polite manner and to abide by good ethics. So far it seems to be working very well, we've become very well known for our fun and friendly attitude to all that join and the number of members joining is increasing by large amounts as each day passes. However do not mistake this carefree attitude for tolerance towards unethical behaviour, anyone disrespecting the rules will be dealt with appropriately and this particular subject is an extremely important one that ALL must abide by (myself included).

We all know how easy it can be to forget to add comments in code so just make sure whenever you're copying/pasting code created by others you immediately add comments to credit them so it's not forgotten. It literally takes just a few seconds to do and if you've used considerable amounts of second hand code to create the add-on the very least you should be doing is crediting the original authors in the add-on description.

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