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Auto synchronization
A few videos I have been streaming are out of sync with audio. Is there a setting or a function I can activate to stop this from happening and just automatically sync the audio to visual? Thanks in advance guys Smile

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I have edited your post slightly as the add-on you mentioned belongs in the third party section. However as the question is a valid one and it relates to all video streaming this is the best place for the question, just needed re-wording slightly Wink.

As far as I know there's no way of auto-syncing, you should only get audio out of sync if the video has been poorly encoded or if you have a poor device (or more likely your device may be okay but it has poor firmware). However if you bring up the on-screen display during playback you can move the slider for audio offset, it can be quite annoying and take some fiddling but that's the quick and easy solution for now. If you continue to get audio out of sync you may want to double check your video acceleration settings or even consider looking into alternative roms to flash on the device.

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