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Adding Homepage Shortcuts
Not every skin allows for shortcuts so this really is skin dependant but many do and it's very easy to add. Each skin may vary slightly in the way they deal with shortcuts, some allow you to browse for an addon to use whereas some require you to add the addon to your favourites first, the setup is pretty much identical though so once you get the hang of it you should find it fairly simple to implement in other skins. For this example I'm going to use the default XBMC Confluence skin...

Step 1:
Head over to System>Appearance>Skin> now click on the SETTINGS option.

[Image: fvi53o.jpg]

Step 2:
Now you're in the skin settings go down to the bottom option that says Add-on Shortcuts.

[Image: 2yjoe1z.jpg]

Step 3:
Click right and select the type of addon you're going to add a shortcut for. In this example I've only got the Total Installer installed so I'll be using the Program Add-ons section and adding that as a shortcut. You'll see you can add up to 5 different shortcuts for each section but different skins and tweaks can allow for more...

[Image: 2e4dxr7.jpg]

Step 4:
A list of all your installed addons will appear (only ones relating to the category you've clicked on) so here you can click on whatever addon you want to use as your shortcut. As you can see the only Program Addon I have installed is Total Installer so we'll use that.

[Image: qyihhx.jpg]

Step 5:
Once selected it should show in the main list like this:

[Image: 2dgl2fl.jpg]

Ok that's it done, if you exit back to your homepage you should now be able to see your shortcut(s). If you need more than 5 shortcuts for each section on the Confluence skin then the Xunity Maintenance addon has the ability to edit the skin so it has 7 shortcuts. There are other skins that allow for many more shortcuts and even greater customisation, Aeon MQ5 is great but you really do need a high spec device to run that, if you want more customisation options but need it to run well on a lower spec device then Confluence Customisable Mod (CCM) and Aeon Nox are great skins.

[Image: 167mquv.jpg]

Video Guide (thanks to AllThingsTech)


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