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The Best Python Resources
Whether like me you've got into this scene with no previous coding experience (well very, very, very little!) or you're a seasoned pro the chances are you're going to need somewhere to go for point of reference. We can't all remember everything there is to know and I know I'm always doing a google search and ending up at stackoverflow looking through examples of how to implement certain features. This thread is intended to help everyone from absolute noobs to professionals and I'll update the first post with any new useful links anyone wants to share.

Python Tutorials:

(whufclee) Code Academy - This looks amazing, Coolwave told me about this over a year ago and I never did get around to trying it - I wish I did as it looks like the perfect place to start if you're a noob. I totally forgot about this and only just found the link in my favourites! It's a free interactive course you can take on how to use Python, it even has an editor on the site where you can enter your code. It says the course lasts about 13 hours to complete so I think I may well have a go myself and pick up some new techniques!

(whufclee) NewBoston/Bucky - There are some brilliant YouTube videos by a guy named bucky, these are short videos focusing on one function at a time and are very clear and simple to follow. You can find the youtube playlist in the link above. MetalKettle also created an addon for this YouTube playlist, details here. If for any reason the addon is no longer available you can of course use the brilliant YouTube plugin creator and create your very own YouTube addon for whatever channel you want (details here).

(whufclee) Stack Overflow is probably my most used resource. It's not a tutorial site as such but I'd say if you can't find an answer to your question on there then the chances are you're probably not looking hard enough! So far I've not needed to post up a question on there as I've always found my answer (although it can sometimes take a while to search for the correct answer), it's a brilliant site and there are some excellent examples of code that you can re-use.

(whufclee) Official Python Documents - A site I rarely use unless I get very stuck, I find it quite hard to follow and it seems to be written for those that come from a coding background. That being said I have got some very useful information from there in the past and it is a great resource but if you're still new to the coding scene you may have better luck searching on stack overflow which has better examples.

Python Tools:

(DixieDean) If anyone wants to get into coding in python... I can highly recommend this piece of software: https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/
One feature of the software is you can get it to check all your indentations and fix them.
This is particularly useful if copying and pasting code from other files or online places like stackoverflow.com

XBMC/Kodi Add-on Creation

(andrewbr) This is a great resource for anyone starting off, this will guide you through the process of making your very own video add-on.
A thank you is really all that's needed but if you want to buy me a drink then who am I to argue!

[Image: 11i3ihd.jpg]
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Could I also point people in the direction of this step by step blog on creating a video addon for complete novices. It's a couple of years old but very well explained.

[Image: nansig_arb.png]
That's brilliant mate, cheers for that I've never seen that one before. I've added it to the first post  :icon_thumright:
A thank you is really all that's needed but if you want to buy me a drink then who am I to argue!

[Image: 11i3ihd.jpg]
Great information and tutorial on how to start making your first Addon

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