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Anyone know a way i can watch normal tv here in the uk
I cant find a way since tv catch went ?
Search for F.T.V in Total installer.
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How to upload a log file:

F.T.V - you'll find it in Total Installer but when searching don't forget the dots (and there's not one at the end).

It uses the Filmon service which is free and you can integrate with On-Tapp.TV if you want a really great EPG and make it feel more like a cable box. OTTV is  a paid service as you need to pay the royalties for the listings but it's not much - about 60p a week I think. The OTTV side of things isn't necessary though and you can just click on channels as normal in the addon if you don't require all the extras.
Now gonna give this a go thanks so much Smile
If you're in the UK I think you have to use the section that's called UK. Can't remember off hand but basically there are two sections for UK TV, one works outside the UK but not in UK and the other works in the UK - you'll soon figure it out!
I tried but i keep getting script errors is there a download to a working F.t.v my totalinstaller for xbox has stopped working too really would love for this to work 
Sorry I didn't notice this was in the XBMC4Xbox section, damn stupid tapatalk! Ok I'm not sure that F.T.V works on Xbox but the same channels were available via SportsDevil, it's not something I use but you could give that a go - try downloading the one called SportsDevil NEW from the addon portal and let us know how you get on. There used to be a Filmon section in there, hopefully it's still there.

As for the Total Installer 4Xbox I'm working on the mainbranch version this week then once that's completed I can look into creating the Xbox version - porting it over shouldn't be too difficult, hopefully should only take a few days after the mainbranch one is done (fingers crossed!).
Thanks to all :icon_thumright: got going now
yup i can confirm the sportsdevil new works great, there's a testing report up for it in the xbox addon section. one thing to remember is that all the channels are not in the uk tv section the likes of viva and 4music are in the music section and film4 is in the films section.

Another good plugin i always recommend is veetle, although this isnt live tv, there is alot of 24hr tv shows inc stargate, simpsons, southpark and star trek to name a few always worth a download Smile
Always here to help members with xbmc4xbox
related issues. Also testing current xbox plugin compatibility
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