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1channel version for the xbox
hello iam trying to install the 1channel version of xbmc for xbox not the original 1 the 1 with the snake that says 1channel4bbmc4xbox with the snake it clams that it works on the xbox list of of working add ons but when i add the source under system file manager on the a side and make a new folder on the b side and then install for zip file nothing is there under videos it shows the repo is there but nothing to instal. so then i tryed to add the source under programs where the xbox installer is and it did some come up as total xbmc i found the 1 channle version for the xbox but under programs i will not allow me to install anything ive been trying for months to get this video add on and its not the normal 1channel it says right on it 1channel4xbmc4xbox with a pic of a snake any help at all would be greatly apperciated.  for that matter i can not get anything for total installer on my xbox no video add ons at all any help or work around would be great thanks and have a great day. ive recived much help here before. iam hoping some 1 can help me out with this
I've no idea whether or not it's still working on xbox but I would suggest downloading from the 1channel4xbox thread on the forum. There is a zip file you can manually download but at the moment we're unable to add them to the database in that form - it's not far off until we can but it's taken many months of work to get this far so will probably be a few more weeks yet until you can install standalone zips via TI. If you do a search for 1channel4xbox you should be able to find it, I think the guy that uploaded it was called spaghetti or something like that.
so i would download the zip file to my pc then insert it threw ftp access iam softmodded so would it be e drive should i make a new folder 1st on my xbox in e and then put that zip into the folder threw ftp????
also i cant get anything to work from total installer is it non compatible with the xbox?
Yes just do a manual download to your PC, FTP the zip file wherever you want on the xbox - just put it somewhere you'll remember. Go to Addons4Xbox Installer and install from zip then navigate to the zip file and it will install. There is a test version that Jan made of Total Installer but whether or not it still works I have no idea as I have been doing lots of work over the past few months on the backend, once everything for mainbranch TI is finished I'll port it all to xbox.
Use the one by byron, he posted it here. It works and he downsized images to save ram

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