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Hi Guys!

The new Raspberry Pi Version 2 has been released today...  The processor is now a Quad Core Arm7 running native at 900Mhz instead of the original single core native at 700Mhz.

The memory has been also been doubled to 1Gig !!!  Speed is reported to be equivalent to 6X the original Pi, and graphics speed reported to be up to 20X the original.

Ordered one within 10 mins of seeing the announcement this morning.... 2nd Feb 2015. Should have it by tomorrow.

Everything else is backwardly compatible.  It will need a recompile to run Rasbmc or Openelec... But when that gets done this thing is going to absolutely fly!!

Biggest news is: THE PRICE IS THE SAME!! Just ordered from RS Components... £27 inc VAT and free next day delivery

All The Best,
Mr Bear.
This does sound excellent news, I really have no need for any more devices and have no time to play about with them but I'm very tempted to go and buy one! The 1gb RAM is much needed and that should be ample for running OpenELEC, will be great to see how the CPU fares but I have some high hopes for this Smile
I managed to borrow a pi over the weekend model b and although worked ok was lagging while using menu and waiting for stuff to load and put me off.now with the extra speed of the pi2 should much better.anyone got one running kodi yet for comparison?
They've only just come out so I'd expect there to be a few weeks worth of bugs to sort out before we have a proper stable build available. Remember it took well over a year before we had an enjoyable bug-free experience with XBMC and the r-pi so although the main codebase is now there I'd imagine there's still going to be a little bit to sort out. I may well be wrong and maybe the OE team have had a few test units to play with and develop on but it's a new chipset so it will no doubt require a reasonable amount of new code going into it.

What I can tell you from doing previous testing with other units running OpenELEC is 1GB RAM is ample and I've yet to see OE use anything more than about 700mb. Be interesting to see what difference that CPU makes though - really looking forward to seeing that in action as the single core really did slow things down with more intensive addons.
OpenElec have made a stable version of OE5.0.1 for raspberry pi 2 on their website.


Downloaded, installed to sd and waiting for the postman to deliver my rpi2 this week.
[Image: nansig_bromerzz.png]
How to upload a log file:

Yeah although there's an "official stable" build I'd be very surprised if it's not got plenty of bugs for a few weeks. A colossal amount of testing is required when doing new builds and I doubt many of the bugs will start to show up until public testing has commenced. Fingers crossed I'm completely wrong but I've not yet seen a device that hasn't required many weeks/months of further development to get it to a true stable state.
(02-03-2015, 10:29 PM)whufclee link Wrote: Yeah although there's an "official stable" build I'd be very surprised if it's not got plenty of bugs for a few weeks.

I think you're probably right about that... Personally, at the moment I'm running RaspBMC on a Pi B+ with an IDE Hard Drive coupled up by using a USB interface and PSU and it runs smooth as anything. Very little overclock used, only to 800Mhz and there's no lag on anything in the menu or video unless the stream isn't good.  The USB install for RaspBMC works like a charm as well.

My Pi 2 should have been here today...... But RS are telling me it won't be here until Friday...... I'll see what it's like over the weekend and post the results if nobody else does first.

All the best,
Mr Bear.

Yes please do, really looking forward to seeing the reports come in. If you're able to do a quick video on your phone of it in action even better Smile
Sweet, I'm lucky, I can buy one over the counter 20 minutes drive away from Element 14 is my house. Glad I was to busy, and lazy to buy a B+ model. I think there will be bugs but I suspect these will be addressed real quick as the market takes up this first Rpi offering real improvements in performance far more than earlier models.
Well I've been running mine for about 36 hours now.

First off I tried with no overclocking. It's set to dynamic as default it runs at 600MHz and steps up to 900MHz when needed.

Took about 20 mins to scan and scrape my 600 or so movies which I have stored locally.
I was curious and wanted to take advantage of the quad core CPU so i waited for it to scrape a few films, started playing one, left it running in the background and while it was playing the movie and scraping  I was able to download and install all my addons. The new pi was able to do this easily, did notice it jumped up to 900MHz through.

Playback seems great just like the original pi, menu navigation is quicker, smoother and seems more responsive, no difference to my PC.

Boot up time is slightly quicker I haven't counted though, playback is just as good as the old pi 23.97fps encodes play fine with no dropped frames

Add-ons like Genesis run quicker took around 20 seconds to bring up 421 links for the Lego movie (that's with all the sources enabled).

Overall I'm very impressed, I brought a cuboxi/hummingboard i2ex last year which cost me around £75 with shipping. The pi2 is quicker more stable and has better playback and it cost me £27.

I'm now running with force turbo and a slight overclock to get me running at 1000MHz, only because that's what my hummingboard runs at, however it's not really needed.

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