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XBMC Audio on MX Android TV Box
Evening all. I have had an original Xbox with the original xbmc installed for many years, and loved it! Had an advanced SCART adaptor with optical out so I could output digital audio for surround sound. When I played a movie with digital audio, it out putted through optical perfectly, and the scart output went silent. When I played a stereo audio signal it outputted the same through optical and through scart, which was ideal.
I have just upgraded to an Android TV MX box with xbmc installed, as it can play HD quality video files, whereas the original Xbox struggled. The only thing is I am struggling to replicate the same audio settings. I have connected the box to tv via hdmi, then from tv to surround via optical cable. When I play a stereo source, it plays through tv and the surround, which is fine, but when I play a digital surround sound source, it outputs through optical as it should, but rather than going silent through the tv, it makes a horrible clicking sound. Has anyone else come across this at all? And is there a way to down mix to 2 channels for just tv but still output digital to surround, or make the tv absolutely silent but still output digital over optical? Hope this question makes some sense! Thanks
To be totally honest with you I've never connected it that way, mine goes through an AV receiver using HDMI (which is apparently better audio quality than optical - so I'm told) and in the XBMC settings I have it set to passthrough. Unless someone more knowledgable comes along with some useful info the only thing I can suggest is going to system>audio output and make sure you change from basic to expert mode in the settings then have a play around. Android can be a real bugger as things like video hw acceleration can even play a part in this so you may also have to fiddle about in the video>acceleration section too and disable/enable some options there. Best of luck and if you do find a solution please do report back Smile
Hi. Sorry for the late response - it's been a mental week this week!!
Thanks for your reply, I'll have a look at that and report back in the next few days!
Well, the mx box has beaten me. It's doing my head in with its poor interface and crap performance. I'm gonna try a laptop with xbmcbuntu instead!
Yeah those MX boxes are pretty terrible mate, if it's the MX2 you should try the special OpenELEC firmware rather than android it's much nicer to use and you'll find XBMC suddenly works a whole lot better Smile
I just put codesnakes openelec on an mx2 and it is a lot faster than android. I've even got Andys build running on it.

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