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[TUTORIAL] Create & Upload Your Own Community Build
Before adding your build to the portal MAKE SURE you've read the Site Rules

Please make sure you're using the noobsandnerds backup method and NOT the universal option. The universal backup option is only left in the add-on for legacy purposes and to help those out who prefer to use their own old style wizards. There is no guarantee the CP addon will continue to support these legacy builds so if you have a build on NaN please take the time to convert it into a noobsandnerds backup. Thankyou.

How hard is it to create a community build?
Creating your own build to share with the community is pretty simple and the Community Portal Addon will do all of the work for you...

1) By offering a Community Build you do so with the understanding that it is YOUR responsibility to look after the release thread and helping out users who may have issues with your build. Make sure you check your thread on a daily basis, continual failure to respond to questions in your thread may result in the build being pulled and at worst receiving a ban and being blacklisted.

2) Do not include any content that isn't opensource or freely available to the public. Full details here.

3) Make sure you setup your image locations correctly before creating a build. Full details here.

FULL VIDEO GUIDE (Make sure you have sound enabled)
I highly recommend watching this full video guide showing how to do the whole process from start to finish (including help on how to fill out the web form). Big thanks to DaButcher for this great guide...

TEXT GUIDE (@noobs: Ignore steps  1-6, they are advanced/legacy purposes only)
Creating a Build via the add-on (recommended):
In the Community Portal add-on navigate to "Backup My Content" and choose the "noobsandnerds backup" option. This will now do the whole renaming and zipping process for you, you will end up with a main zip file and a smaller guisettings zip, you can find these in your storage location you set in the add-on settings - they will be in the Community_Builds>My_Builds folder. When asked whether you want to include your existing addon_data or wipe you need to think about this carefully. If you delete the folder you must make sure that nothing in your build relies on the addon_data folder (any special addon settings), removing it should in most cases be fine but if you do have any add-ons that you've set up with special settings you'll need to keep addon_data. If you decide to keep the addon_data MAKE SURE you've manually deleted any folders in the add--on_data that may contain your passwords! Once you've done this step you can move onto step 7 below.

I want to use one of those wizards based on really old dated Community Builds code Smile :
My honest opinion is you must be mad! The code is so old, dated and flawed I really can't recommend it but of course the choice is yours and if you're happy using the old method or just want to show off with your own wizard then the NaN dev team have left a legacy backup option in there for you guys... Rather than using the noobsandnerds backup option just choose the Universal backup option. I can't stress enough just how much better the NaN method is though so please do try it out before going down the route of an old fashioned zip and extract method with no error checking. Not only does it allow for much better error checking but you'll find other benefits too such as ability to update via small files without the need for force closing and reinstalling the whole build, the add-ons are installed direct from the devs repo's so that keeps them happy and your users up-to-date and you'll find your build size is considerably smaller in size.

There should be absolutely no need to use steps 1-6, this is only here for reference.

Please make sure you remove any advancedsettings.xml file you may have installed. Different devices require different settings and users may have spent ages getting theirs setup just right so we don't want to accidentally force a new one to overwrite it!

1. Make sure you delete your packages folder, it contains zip files of every addon you've ever installed and is not needed.

2. Make sure you delete all addon_data unless there's one addon you've setup specifically and need to keep the data. Remember all passwords/login information you have stored for addons (even uninstalled ones) is kept in here!

3. Make sure you delete the thumbnails folder and databases/textures13.db - this will remove unwanted artwork cache - deleting the textures13.db file will ensure new artwork is cached on boot.

4. To make the build universal you must edit all physical paths in the xml files to special://home/, watch the second video below for more info.

5. Zip up your build (make sure you don't zip the kodi folder, it must just be the contents and not the root folder). I have encountered issues when using 7zip but WinRAR has always worked perfectly - just make sure you compress as a zip file and not RAR.
Mac Users - Please read as this is very important: We've noticed if using an apple device to zip up it causes issues. Macs create an extra folder that XBMC doesn't like, this folder is always created when zipping anything up on a mac but you can only see it on non-mac systems. Details of how to fix can be found here.

6. Now zip up the guisettings.xml file and (optionally) the profiles.xml file. You only need to add the profiles file if you're using profiles in your build. When zipping these up the zip file must just contain these files and they must not be in a sub-folder.

7. Upload both zip files to somewhere on the web. Unfortunately not many free file hosts work but archive.org works very well and so does copy.com - if you have a paid dropbox account (it's very cheap) then that also works brilliantly. When adding any download links to the CP web form (step 10) you must make sure it's the final resolved links, this will be trial and error but try the link out in a web browser - if it doesn't automatically start downloading then you know it's not going to work. Most common problems are users add links that go to pages with buttons, Kodi is not clever enough to know which button it needs to press!

8. (Public Community Builds Only - NOT REQUIRED FOR PRIVATE BUILDS) Create a thread in the Community Builds section of the forum and the layout should be something like the example below. Please do not put any URL's to downloads on the forum as they will be removed and it's against the site rules.

Quote:Name: <NAME_OF_BUILD>
Adult Content: <YES/NO>

Description: Add a full description, as much detail as possible about your build, Also make sure you add the following (in the following format):

Addons Installed:
Skins: Confluence Customisable Mod (default), Confluence, Touched
Video Addons: Cartoon HD, Cliq!, Entertainment Hub, Funnier Moments, Genesis, Phoenix, TotalXBMC Guides, YouTube, PLUS: Simple PVR Live TV Integration setup for Vdubt25 list.
Audio Addons: Radio, RamFM, Rave Player
Program Addons: .Xunity Maintenance, Artist Slideshow, Super Favourites, Total Installer, TV Show - Next Aired, TVTunes, XBMC Backup"

9. Once you've posted your support thread admin will see the thread and mark you as a member of the Community Builders group, admin are extremely busy but do try to check for any new threads as often as possible. If you haven't received a PM welcoming you to the CB group within 24 hours please PM a member of staff. Remember they may not necessarily be in the same timezone as you so please be patient.

10. Go to the new web form where you'll be able to enter the details of your build, have your download links and descriptions ready. I would recommend opening a tab to your support thread so you can do some copy/paste work. MAKE SURE you read the important information at the top of the web form, that information is there for a reason - failure to follow those instructions will result in parts of your build not working correctly within the CP add-on. If copy/pasting make sure you remove any forum tags and do not use any special characters. As previously mentioned adding the "final resolved link" is a common problem so please read this post which explains how to find the correct links needed.

Whenever you update the build please bump the thread and edit the first post with any amendments (especially the date).

If you want your very own snazzy splash screen to replace the Kodi one then it's very simple to do... Create some artwork (1280x720px) name it splash.png and pop it in the /media/ folder - job's a goodun' Smile
Where do we post community builds at?
Can't wait to see your build added mate, I've just updated the first post with all the relevant info Smile
Almost complete
My notepad ++ not working at the moment hopefully I'll it have ready by tomorrow. the build came out amazing can't wait to share. my best piece of work by far
This is where I'm stuck at.
C:\Users\houdin24_2\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\skin.aeonnox.5\backgrounds\Backgrouns ect.. when I try to replace with special:\\home\ the path stays the same doesn't change. I'm using windows 8 it won't let change any of the code on any path. Any suggestions? notepad++ was working before Sad
Hi mate

Surely, you should be using a / instead of a \  in your paths?


Typo error on ://home/ this is the way I meant sorry about that. The default path for c:/ is /
Win 8 can get a bit finicky with admin rights, try running notepad++ as administrator (right click and you'll see the option).
It worked like a charm thank you i used windows 7

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