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All the TRMk1 Firmware in one place
As the title says we'll keep this first post updated with all the different firmware versions available.

[19th Jan 2016] NEW Openelec 6.0.0 from ipodtouchdude
Deezel has tested and it works perfectly other than the stock remote. And is super fast!!! Wifi good... ethernet good... video playback good...
ipodtouchdude-Openelec 6.0.0

[2nd April 2015] NEW OpenELEC firmware from codesnake
The eagerly anticipated Kodi 14.2 version of OpenELEC from CodeSnake is here. Just extract the new install file download to the root of a MicroSD card and boot up via the toothpick method and it's all automated. If you already have an older version of CS OE installed you can use the update tar file, just stick it in your update folder and reboot. Please note this rom does have a bug, USB and SD ports will not work - you can still use a USB dongle for your remote just fine but the system will not see any external storage on them. This of course causes a problem when wanting to downgrade/upgrade but you can do so by using a newer/older tar file, SSH into your device and copy it to the update folder.
TRMk1 CS OpenELEC new install files
TRMk1 OpenELEC Update tar file

Stock v2 Android Rom
This is the newer v2 stock rom, if you install the Oman build of XBMC it appears to work very well. So far this v2 stock rom has been relatively untested but Deezel says it's very good. It's also what Finless Bob used as a base for his brilliant rom.

Stock v1 Android Rom
This is the original stock rom from July 2014, it has quite a few bugs but wi-fi works and so does the remote - coupled with the XBMC oman build it works ok but there is definite need for improvement (which has since happened with the V2 and Bobs rom). Just thought I'd put it on here in case any rom devs wanted to pull anything from it.

Finless Bob Android Rom
Our very first rom from Finless Bob, V.1.0 has been released - This is based on the v2 stock rom and so far appears to be very stable when combined with the Oman 13.2 XBMC build (even official Kodi seems to be working great). Wi-Fi and remote are working, it's extremely fast and has the bare minimum installed on it so you can fill it up with whatever you want. Kodi does need to be downloaded and installed - the XBMC oman 13.2 has been tried and tested, it's made especially for this chipset and is great but official Kodi appears to work fantastic too. There may possibly be sound sound glitches with Kodi when using passthrough but that may just be my setup not done correctly, would welcome any feedback on this.

JustMe Android Finless PatchThis adds some tweaks to the brilliant Finless Bob rom, there's a new TotalRevolution boot screen and some higher clocks on the CPU, you can find more on post #9 in the above link. This has to be installed on top of the Finless Bob rom.

JustMe Android Rom
There are a few versions available, the latest is v.1.4 and this runs VERY smooth and is probably the best Android rom I've personally seen - it's very fast and very stable. Warning: As of yet none of the JustMe Android roms have wi-fi working on our box yet, we have a different module to the standard basic M8 units this was based on and also the basic IR remote doesn't work either. JustMe has been sent a unit to play with so fingers crossed we should have a working rom with wi-fi and remote working soon.

JustMe OpenELEC Rom
Fantastic rom, the latest version is beta3. Amazingly fast and runs XBMC Gotham, the wi-fi works and if you copy over the correct config file the IR remote will work just fine too. I will try and find the config and keymap file I created and upload. There have been reports of overheating on this rom, I haven't used it for a long enough period of time to comment so please just bare that in mind and keep an eye on it.

Codesnake OpenELEC Rom b3
This is a special build that CodeSnake has done for us - wi-fi and remote are both working. The XBMC version is Kodi14 (Helix) but so far it seems very stable - I have now spent a few weeks using this rom testing on both wi-fi and ethernet, streaming various times of day from various sources and absolutely no problems yet and this is going through my Denon Amp.
Definitely be interested in trying Codesnakes ROM - any chance PM'ing me a link to download it and give it a try?
Kit: TR Mk1
Firmware: Finless Bobs ROM
Awesome lee! Any more info about a rooted rom for using vpnicity?

Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk 2

Lee    are any of these firmwares going to address joypad use for gaming
@mick: Not sure to be honest with you but I'd imagine the OE ones should have support built in.

@chunk: So far all the roms I've used work with VPNicity, if using an android one just make sure you use the OpenVPN from our server and not Play Store as that one recently updated and doesn't work with our service.

@spcdust: I'll be adding the link here very soon Smile
FYI - Installed the Codesnake version of OpenElec Kodi. However, iStream does not work as iStream does not support Kodi for the time being.

The Gotham version works perfectly fine but no wifi.
Which Gotham version are you referring to? If you mean JustMe OpenELEC b3 then it should be working great on that - that's a fantastic rom.
(11-24-2014, 09:49 PM)whufclee link Wrote: Which Gotham version are you referring to? If you mean JustMe OpenELEC b3 then it should be working great on that - that's a fantastic rom.

Codesnake version mate
OK, you need our special codesnake version that we've been testing in the Skype group Wink. Just adding the link to the first post now.
@ Lee i cant get any wired controllers to work ,play store controller aps i tried dont work.tried ps3/xbox360/generic usb controllers and nothing,
can you think of any suggestions ?

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