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Name: Filmikz
Addon ID: plugin.video.filmikz
Version Tested: 2.1
Repository: o9r1sh repo
Status: Working
Notes: None
Log: N/A
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Still working in the usa i got it from junks installer
cheers for the info mate, always good to have someone from the usa doing some testing, really handy for the other ones geo blocked ones too good job sir Smile
Always here to help members with xbmc4xbox
related issues. Also testing current xbox plugin compatibility
[Image: s_zpsarhdba5s.jpg]
no problem thank you for this website and all your help everyone lets keep xbox alive
Its not working. Can anyone help?
(05-04-2016, 01:11 PM)movielover1985 Wrote: Its not working. Can anyone help?
Has been down for me for about a month maybe a bit longer.
Death Before Dishonor........................... [Image: nrMJtMN.jpg?1]

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