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Test Release from TotalInstaller4Xbox (xbmc4xbox)
I'm sick and enroll if I am healthy again

regards Jan
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hi jan sorry to hear you are unwell, are you going to put the new xbox installer on hold?

still getting quite a few errors installing plugins etc on the installer but i know its only a testing release so im sure these issues will be fixed once the full version is out.
Always here to help members with xbmc4xbox
related issues. Also testing current xbox plugin compatibility
[Image: s_zpsarhdba5s.jpg]
This topic is now closed, the old installer was dropped and a new installer is ready for testing: http://www.noobsandnerds.com/forums/inde...pic=6845.0
All users who've helped out with a donation can now gain early access to the
latest test versions of add-ons, often weeks or months ahead of the public stable releases.

[Image: 11i3ihd.jpg]

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