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Error on kodi apks
Just wondering if anyone had reported the official kodi apk list bringing up an error and if there is a fix for it, the spmc list works fine, here is the error on my log file around line 204 I believe  https://paste.ubuntu.com/25640287/
heres link to the thread about it

(09-30-2017, 10:33 AM)whuhorsey Wrote: heres link to the thread about it


Yeah I had seen this thread, I went and changed the py code as shown in the post but still seems to bring a error on opening, just thought it might of been a unrelated error. The link does work fine if posted in a browser as stated in the thread, and I'm also using Jarvis which someone did state it could be related to using Jarvis. No worries though it's not a massive deal. Thanks for the reply on this ?

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