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Some "bugs" in the aftermath wizard
Im not complaining here because I know that python development is very trivial but I wanted to inform you of a few bugs found.

1. When Canceling the Build Download on an update/normal install (untested with a fresh one) the Build name and Version are wiped out from the userdata settings.xml

2. When the Wizard txt file appears to be inaccessible or 404 or otherwise unable to get it the wizard will fail to load to the main menu and the autostart module will still run your scheduled cleanup as normal. You just cant get into the wizard main menu, 

3. The Autostart Module Hangs/slows up the Startup of even the most higher end systems, For Example I am Running a Core i7-4790k with 32GB of ram in My testing and it will Hang/slows the startup of Kodi even on this machine. I will work on measuring the resources on that to see whats being accessed so quickly or excessively that its hanging up the system.
I have also mentioned in a Previous post that it seems to make excessive requests to the server for the wizard file.  I wonder if this also has anything to do with the Slowdown

4. See Bug 1 and 3 as well, There is a noticeable delay when actually clicking Normal or Fresh install on a Build update, When you click and confirm the download it can take up to 30 seconds sometimes before it shows the downloading screen. This isn't a big deal if the person waits and doesn't press anything, but kodi tends to lag at times and then your keystrokes "catch up to you" and sometimes Dialog windows seem to cancel themselves or just simply disappear (im guessing as a result of kodi lagging) and could possibly cause Bug 1 to happen where the Build name and Version are broken thus breaking the updater for the end user. (although you could go into the build menu and re download it to fix this if you know this has actually happened)

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