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Help Request | "failed to install addon from zip" error
I'm really hoping someone can help me today, as I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.  I've been using the Aftermath wizard for awhile to create my wizard file so that my friends and family can install my builds.  Suddenly, about two days ago, anytime I try to install a freshly created wizard from your tool, Kodi gives me the "failed to install addon from zip file" error :/.

I use 000webhost as my hosting service for my wizard.zip file and the autobuild.html file (on 000webhost I have to host the original .txt files as .html files to get everything to work).  My URL for the wizard and autobuilds files is: http://bodhibuild.comuf.com/.b/wizard/ .  I currently have a freshly created wizard uploaded to this URL that I created today and I'm still getting the same error message.

I'm also using Kodi 17.1 (however, I've tested to see if I could get the wizard to work on Kodi 16.1, and I also had no luck).  Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong and/or how to fix this?  Thank you in advance for your help.
I hate to inform you but the issue is related to your hosting service. When installing the zip it is getting a error 500. If I remember correctly alot of people have been having issues with the 000webhost.[Image: f5aeb3c6024291db853a055289d50569.jpg]

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Got it - okay thank you for confirming that the issue is with 000webhost (i am too much of a noob to figure that out on my own!).  Do you happen to have a hosting service that you recommend/prefer that works well with Aftermath wizards?
Personally in the past I've used either http://arvixe.com (current) or http://lypha.com. but alot of the guys here use http://hothostinginc.com

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nice.  I'll give one of those a try.  Thanks so much for your help troubleshooting this as well as for the quick feedback/responses!

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