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Build and Wizard Creation
Hi All,

As a complete Amateur I have decided to create my own build for personal and family use, as they are all techno phobes, so gone for a very basic build that I can easily support them with. After watching / reading several tutorials, I managed to complete my build and subsequently have managed to create a wizard for it. 

Now, the next step I would like to do is for when I update the build, the build/wizard does a fresh install, but keeps my wizard so they don't have to keep creating the links via file manager etc....

Is anyone able to help me out here please ? Thanks.
Unless the wizard has a Fresh Start exclusion on the wizard it will get wiped when you do a fresh start

check out this video on how to make one Smile
--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tE0o5bWtzcE

this will wipe kodi expect your wizard Smile
You can always try the Aftermath Wizard. It's fairly easy to setup and if u need any help I'm around.

Http://aftermathwizard.net/FAQS/ for text files.

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Yep id go with Aftermath. Very popular wizard. Theres also the option of uploading your build to Community Portal

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Thanks all for your responses, Will give them a try.
Sorry for posting this here, but the question I have is to do with my own Wizard.
I just wondered if anyone here knows of a way to get my wizard to display the changelog.txt file on first run?

I've been trying to figure this out for a while now, with not a lot of success.

Any help or pointers you could give me would be appreciated.

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The easiest way would be to create an item in the settings, lets just use the version number of the wizard itself. Then when the wizard is updated and if version > settings display the window and set the settings to current version. Not really sure about ur coding knowledge, but it's fairly easy to do.

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I'm a novice, I've only been coding for a few months.

I've managed to add the fresh start function to my wizard, I only want the log to display after the fresh start function has been run.

It's not so much to do with updates to the wizard, so using the version number wouldn't work for me, as I don't update the code very often anyway.

It's more so I can display a set of instructions or links to my Facebook Group etc. it doesn't have to be the changelog.txt file that displays, it could be called firstrunhelp.txt or something.

I just don't want it to display the file everytime the Wizard is run. Thanks for replying to me by the way Smile

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If u want u can send me the url to the wizard in a pm and let me know a little more details on what u want and ill go about adding it.

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I'll send you the url if you don't mind taking a look at it, cheers.
I would still like to learn how to do it myself though.

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