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[RELEASE] NaN Scrapers
Thanks for the quick response mydraal.

Taking Season 1 Episode 4 as an example:

Serieswatch, watchfree, watchseries and projectfree all return the fear the walking dead episode for some/all.

cartoonhd and primewire return the correct episode for all their links.

However, looking at Season 1 Episode 3 and all the scrapers seem to return the correct result?

Other things I noticed were that streamthis doesn't seem to return any playable links at all for me at the moment and any flashx links result in a "please disable your adblock" video rather than the actual video being played.

I take your point on the sort function as it is not a difficult thing to do, I just imagined a scenario where the developer would want to use NaN Scrapers then directory display a sorted list where most if not all links would be resolved and live, it seemed to me to be a nice feature to have this option along with check_url to leave the developer with less work.

It would also be nice if there was some kind of callback the developer could use to report the progress so far in their dialog, but I'm not even sure you can do that in kodi/python? I know you provide the with_dialogue functions but I would rather use a directory listing that includes more information for the user when selecting, not sure if I am alone in that though?

Thanks again for your help
for the directory thing, have a look at poseidon or triton.

flashx is a urlresolver issue, not a nanscraper one

thanks for narrowing the search down for which scrapers need to be tightened
Hi, another quick question:

If I want to use the "with dialog" functions, is there anyway I can tell NaN scrapers to not list any hosts that require pairing?

I know I can do this myself by not using the "with dialog" functions, but it would be nice if there was a way to omit pairing websites in the NaN dialog as I never use these and I'm guessing the exclude parameter is for scrapers rather than hosts?
no there's not, with_dialog is rather simple. if you need something custom like omiting certain links you'll have to use the regular functions

First and foremost, the hugest thank you to NaN for your continued dedication to the Kodi community!!

Long time user, first time poster... Smile

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I've noticed an issue with all add-ons that have started using NaN Scrapers. I would list the add-ons that I have tried, but I'm not sure if that is allowed. If so, I'd be happy to list them.

I am no longer able to load any streams unless  the "Default Action" setting is set to Directory. Autoplay, Dialog, and Dialog+ will show the "Warming Up Scrapers" dialog box, and will show that it is finding links, but when it is complete, I get the "No Streams Found" dialog.

To be clear, the add-ons were all working on Autoplay before the addition of NaN Scrapers.

I've tried looking at the code for the different add-ons as well as NaN Scrapers, but I'm a VB coder, with no python experience, and I am pretty lost.

Am I missing a setting somewhere, or is this by design?
they are working fine here, maybe ask the addon's developer as it sounds like it's on the addon's end and not nanscrapers
im guessing your talking about the likes of Elysium or Posideion or addons like this? Auto Play work but only if you have the Dialog set to Forground. if its set to Background (meaning it doesn't show) then it gives that error. thats something the addon developer needs to change on their end.

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Mydraal, would you mind letting me know which addon you are using? I'm trying to find one that uses NaN Scrapers, but also where Autoplay is working. I hope this doesn't come off as "needy", I'm just curious.

Yes, ARBTT, those are 2 of the addons. I've also tried Not Sure by FTG. Strangely, I can't get Autoplay to work on any of them, regardless of the Progress Dialog setting. Directory is the only one that doesn't give a "No Streams Found" error, regardless of whether the Progress Dialog setting is set to Foreground or Background.

Thank you for the info! I'll keep working at it. Maybe I'll figure something out.

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