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[SCRIPT RELEASE] YouTube Addon for xbox
This has just been released over at the xbmc4xbox page and have been given permission by Dom DXecutioner to post up the details here.

[Image: xCIySFp.jpg]

Over the long weekend I gave myself the the time to build a YouTube script as I was in need to view some videos but did not want to use the phone or PC, and it's working nicely!

I want to reiterate, it will be a script, not a plugin; whilst it will be viewable in any skin, it will look best with the Xbox Origins skin.

Also, keep in mind, no support will be granted for the script. If it works for you, great, otherwise, my apologies...

You'll be able to navigate various parts, and search for basic videos. However, playlists, channels, and login will NOT be implemented.

The screenshot below is the home screen; normally you would place data and images here, but to preserve memory, I leave it blank until a user selects something. Most of the time we want to search anyway...

[Image: yI775Nj.png]

The screenshot below is on the music section, which is from youtube.com; you can scroll up-to 8 different sections provided by youtube. Youtube has up-to 10, but i left it at 8, from the previous default of 5.

[Image: EoOWicc.png]

Same concept as above, except it's sports... you just move right, hit select (a button) and the video will play

[Image: sVYRIA3.png]

Search results

[Image: lMkbghz.png]

By default, on the xbox, the format will be mp4, 360p, if no 360p is found, 480p will be selected... In advance, beware, this may - eventually - crash the xbox as it leaves close to 6MB of memory left; at least during my testing.

Official thread, information and download link located - HERE

xbmc4xbox forum home - HERE
Always here to help members with xbmc4xbox
related issues. Also testing current xbox plugin compatibility
[Image: 8xkdpz.jpg]

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