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pre buffering
can someone please explain why it is that if you pause some addons they pre buffer but other ones dont ?
To be honest I'm not too sure, I've never really had anything to do with developing video based add-ons.

I did however think all "catchup" style add-ons (opposed to live streaming) stored the video in the designated cache buffer. So depending on what settings you use in advancedsettings.xml it would only store the appropriate amount in either RAM or on local storage.

I guess maybe there could be exceptions to that if you use torrent based add-ons like Pulsar/Quasar but again I'm not too clued up on how those physically work I'm afraid so hopefully someone else can give a better answer.
Thanks lee at the moment i'm using the new venz v10 and only using the portal for add ons can you advice or suggest a advanced setting to use .also if i use community build where should i download to
Sorry I don't have one of the v10 units - had no money to buy one myself. Can't advise on best settings to use but the Kodi defaults are generally pretty good I find. I certainly wouldn't recommend using zero cache (caching to internal storage) on any Android device unless you want to significantly reduce the lifespan of the unit but you may possibly make some small gains by tinkering with the RAM buffer cache. That being said I think the v10 is only 1GB RAM so I'd imagine the Kodi defaults are pretty much optimal for that unit already.

With regards to Community Builds I'd always suggest using a USB stick and pointing to that, it's only used for the actual download/extract process and never used again. That way it saves extra stress on any internal storage but I think the internal storage on those units is pretty decent quality so shouldn't hurt to use the downloads folder if you don't have a USB stick handy. Personally I always like to use the internal storage as little as possible on Android units, it's not designed for heavy useage so only install my apps on there and put everything else on external storage (but never an SD card as they can be very unreliable).
Default settings seem to work for me on the V10. Streaming working well, however I did see less prebuffer than on my Windows systems.

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Cheers lads

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