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New members come and introduce yourself here
Hey: Just introducing myself. Here to gather information on building my own repository and junk....Hello Group!
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Welcome to the forum

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hello everybody. iam a newbie so i hope i do this ok. i am hoping someone can help me find  hearts fc tv , scottish football club. i see addons for almost every other club tv but not hearts tv. i have work commitments now and i am not allowed to pay a subscribion.fee because i live in the uk/Eire. any help v much appreciated thanks.
Can't say I've ever seen that anywhere sorry, you could have a look on Navi-X but I wouldn't hold out too much hope.
All users who've helped out with a donation can now gain early access to the
latest test versions of add-ons, often weeks or months ahead of the public stable releases.

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Hi everyone, glad to be here.
Hi Everyone, Just introducing myself and aslo, I want to thank noobsandnerds to allow me to join. Without you we couldn't get informed on the exciting new stuff for our entertainment.
I am enjoying all the TV and Movies available. Thank you again.
Welcome to you both!

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Big Grin 
Hello All,

I just wanted to say thanks admin for the add and allowing me to join.  As I learn more and more everyday I'm excited to be a member of this awesome group as I have read about it and seen videos on and regarding the Community Portal and looking forward to learn from all here cause everyone has something to learn from with tips and tricks on making it better and different things to try. 

Looking forward to it!  Thanks again
Welcome to the forum

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Hello everyone.. Cool 

I just got into kodi world and I am looking forward to geeking out 
On everything Kodi !!!  Smile

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