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New QTT TV Box & Hybid Skin Question
Just got the above box which runs Jarvis. I have a backup ready to install to it but it runs a version of Helix. Is there any way I can restore my Helix build to a box running Jarvis?
You can but I would strongly recommend not trying to copy it over, it will more than likely cause you issues down the line and you'll soon regret doing it.

I've been using XBMC/Kodi for a decade now and can honestly say if you're upgrading to a newer major release you're always best off starting from scratch otherwise you could end up with conflicts. If you want to take the gamble then just manually copy over your existing backup but as I say you're asking for trouble doing that. It may seem fine at first but you could end up with all kinds of problems down the line so to save any future headaches I'd just reinstall whatever add-ons you need via CP, these days now we have things like the add-on portal in CP it only takes a matter of minutes to reinstall everything.

If you have a library scanned in that's really the only time consuming thing you should be worried about but it's not difficult. Just export the library in the system settings (need to be in advanced mode) and that will create a backup of your library, install Jarvis and in the system settings you can choose to import that library. Just navigate to the backup file your export created and it will import, if it's a big library it can take some time though so be patient - very patient! Not sure if they've improved the import process in the past few releases but mine has appeared to be unresponsive for a number of hours but leave it to do it's work and eventually it does finish Smile
OK, thanks for the heads-up - I certainly don't want to mess up this new 4 gig box, which I really like. One thing I also noticed is that the Hybrid skin wasn't even offered in this version of Jarvis; any idea why?

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