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Post XBMC4Xbox Addon Compatibility Results Here
Please post your results of whether or not an addon is working on xbox and we can start to build a proper compatibility list. All addons marked as compatible will then show in the “Xbox Compatible” section of the addons portal. Make sure you check the relevant section on the forum to see whether or not a compatibility thread for that addon already exists, if it does just use that thread but if you're submitting a new one please follow the guidelines below and create a new topic in the relevant section.

What Addons Need Testing?
Please check out the "Need Testing" section of the Addon Portal here and as soon as we have confirmation of the addon being compatible (or not) it will be removed from this section and added to the Xbox Compatible list (if it's compatible).


When testing please download the relevant repository zip file, copy to a location on the xbox you’ll remember and using the addons4xbox installer choose to install from zip. Navigate to your zip file and it should install the repository, you should now be able to install the addon and any extra script modules that are needed for the addon to work should be auto-installed. If you simply extract the addon and copy to your plugin directory you may be missing script modules which will give false results.

How to submit a properly structured report:

Name: iStream
Addon ID: script.icechannel
Version: 1.0.0
Repository: XunityTalk
Status: Broken
Notes: Script error on start, most likely missing modules.
Log: Insert link to debug log here.

NOTE: To create a debug log go to system settings and enable debugging. Recreate the error then open Q:/XBMC.log in a text editor, copy the log and paste on http://www.xbmclogs.com – we can then check to see if there’s a fix available.
LOL I just realised this thread could get completely out of hand - it may well end up being ridiculously long and trying to find details on any particular addon could be very complicated. I think we'd better start splitting this up as a new thread for each addon - will make it much easier for users to report problems and find help.

EDIT by whufclee 01/09/2014:
Ok this thread is now closed and is to be used for reference only, please create any reports in the relevant Xbox addon section and follow one of the original templates when reporting, the more info we can have the easier it is to debug any problems.

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