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[XBOX Skin] Rapier Clarity Mod
Firstly many thanks go to byron for all your hard work making this skin xbmc4xbox compatible.

[Image: 24musnr.jpg]

His notes:

-I started with Rapier Qualar Mod 3.13 as it was the last version available for use on xbox (I couldn't find an actual source code for it so download this if you want to actually see what I was working with).

[Image: az73et.jpg]

[Image: 2jccz1f.jpg]

Here is Qualar's thread if you're interested (credit is due) HERE

Mostly my goals were to make this skin RAM efficient and more visible for users not sitting in front of a computer (to be able to sit in the recliner and still be able to read words on the screen if you will). I set out to remove "includes" to improve RAM for the xbox, it worked quite well. If you wanna look through the code, get ready to waste a LOT of time. By removing the includes, this skin is quick as hell and it can keep up with no worries. The whole point here was simply to adjust a skin to keep up with more and more MB's of streaming crap. This skin will hold it's own and I suggest you give it a whirl if you want a quick skin with decent media views, and snappy action

I've gone through and revamped pretty much every window, so I'm not going to explain all of the things that I've done (just try it out for yourself). This isn't a final release, but it will work for now (I'm sure I've missed some things, so if there are any SERIOUS bugs I will address them) and I plan on getting this wrapped up sometime soon. A Couple of things:

-I'm including ToDDS with this (use it specifically for quick navigation through library views, as it is still a good tool for navigation of thumbs)

-I Switched off pretty much all of the options that this skin has to offer to improve RAM. This isn't exactly a beginner's skin the way that I have it presented, so if you want more options just turn them on

-The backgrounds are customizable (as are quite a few other things), change em if you wanna.

Changelog - HERE

Download this skin - HERE

Project Home - HERE
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related issues. Also testing current xbox plugin compatibility
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