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[XBOX Skin] Transparency (x4x)

All credit and thanks go to byron for this great work.

[Image: jkajis.jpg]

Alright people, here's another one. Don't let the version number set you off...it's based off of Ronie's 5.0.9 mainline release (decided to version my fork based on BuZz's dev releases), and all credit to ronie for Transparency! Sorry to take so long to get this working, but I've got a real issue with less than adequate work (especially when representing someone else's work).

[Image: 334n03l.jpg]

All features are working as of right now except:

    PVR (and everything related...)
    Global Search
    Mainline specific addon windows (they just don't work right now)
    TV Tunes and Cinema Experience (which go hand in hand in the VideoLibrary)

Perhaps I'm forgetting other things, but for the majority of crazy options this skin has -- and as good as it looks doing it -- definitely worth trying if you're looking for something fun. I've got it running so that in 480p everything functions smoothly (at least not crashing with media playing), but if you run it in 720p at this point you're gonna crash your box for sure. Thanks to BuZz's willingness to update the skinning engine a bit (along with more updates in the future hopefully Wink ), it looks possible to make things work from a GUI standpoint for some time to come...especially on a trusty board or even a 128mb ram upgrade.

Please enjoy, please post bugs here and I will get to them as quickly as possible (tried to work out as many as I could before uploading), and as always much thanks to anyone at all that contributes to xbmc4xbox in any way.

+++ NOTE +++
I really have no intention of actually "modding" this skin whatsoever aside from what I had to do to get it running like it is. My goal was to simply see if this skin could realistically work for us (which it does), give people another gui, and to make as many of the built in options already available within the skin jive on the xbox. Also, these views in the Library will work much better with ToDDs (that's pretty much a no-brainer at this point I would think)

Changelog notes - HERE

Download link - HERE

720p update -  HERE

Always here to help members with xbmc4xbox
related issues. Also testing current xbox plugin compatibility
[Image: 8xkdpz.jpg]

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