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The REAL fix for Add-on Errors – Reading and understanding logs

Well I was fairly sure I’d created a blog page for this almost 2 years ago, after some searching it looks like I made the video but forgot to create a dedicated page so I guess better late than never right?!

Ok so you’ve all seen it before, the dreaded “Script Error” notification, or “Add-on Error” depending on your version of Kodi. As annoying as this is it’s actually a very useful tool, it lets us know full details of what’s caused the error has been printed to the kodi.log.

You can find details of where to find your log on this page and if you need to upload a log (always requested on forums when asking for help with errors) please take a look at this page.

The NaN team are always here and happy to help on the forums (so long as a logfile is provided!) but if you’re looking for an instant answer you may want to attempt a self-diagnosis by trying to read the log yourself. They can look very daunting and in some cases yes they are hard to read and can certainly take a trained eye to decipher, however for the most part they are quite straight forward to understand. Please take a look at the video below to see just how simple it is to read an error log and it should then also become abundantly apparent why forum staff always insist on users providing logs whenever they encounter errors.

Although the video below is now a little dated (was created in 2015), nothing has dramatically changed and it’s still relevant. Your Kodi will most likely look different to the one in the video as that uses the old default Confluence skin but ignore that fact as it has no relevance on the understanding/reading of logs.