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Create & Add Your Own TMDB API To Elysium

Because Elysium is a vastly popular addon at the moment it is prone to break from time to time, this is due to the TMDB Api that the addon is using maxing out its requests with the amount of people using it. The result of this means Categories wont open.

Many other addons such as Specto etc that use an TMDB Api work in the same way.

What Can I Do To Fix This? 

There are three options.

1. You can wait for the Developer to push an update with a new API Key.

2. You can try another addon.

3. If Elysium is your preferred addon then you can get your own TMDB Api key and add it into the addon settings and continue enjoying Elysium.

What Are The Benefits Of Using My Own Key & Is It Hard To Add One? 

Benefits? – The major benefit of using your own API Key is that you will be the only one using it therefore it will last a lot longer than the shared one that comes with the addon.

Is It Hard To Add? – No. It will take about 5-10mins of your time to create your own API Key.

Getting Your Own Key. 

Step 1 – Go to the website http://themoviedb.org

Step 2 – Sign Up to the site (its free).

Step 3 – Once you have signed up and are logged in click on your Profile Icon and then select Settings.

(Image from themoviedb website)

Step 4 – Now from the side menu Select API.

(Image from themoviedb website)

Step 5 – Now click on Create.

(Image from themoviedb website)

Step 6 – Now you will be asked to enter some details such as postcode, phone number etc. This Information will only be able to be accessed by you but if you prefer you can use a fake address and number like I did.

Once you have done this you will be given your Api Key.

Entering Your Key Into Elysium

Now that you have your Api Key for TMDB you can put it into Elysium and start enjoying the addon again.

Step 1 – Go to Elysium Tools

Step 2 – Select Account Settings.

Step 3 – Now select api key and enter the key you created then click OK

Thats it, Your done. You can now use and enjoy the addon again.

Video Guide – (Key created in video will no longer work)