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Create a fully working add-on in minutes!

Don’t worry I’m gonna keep this short and sweet as I have a load of “real life” work to be getting on with so another very quick blog from me. That’s two on the trot which aren’t war and peace so make the most of it while you can!

The NaN dev team recently created a new private chat group where anyone interested in helping out with development at NaN or want to officially support their add-ons on the forum here can join in and all brainstorm together. It’s a great group, everyone is sharing their knowledge and helping one another and collaborating on different things so if you’re interested in learning/joining then don’t be shy – ask a member of the team here for an invite and you can join in the fun. The only stipulation we have is you have to be in it for the benefit of the community, we have no interest in anyone with their own agendas or regularly causing drama on social media.

Ok well back to the main reason I started this blog… A number of the newcomers wanted help creating different types of add-ons, they ranged from basic YouTube channel/playlist based add-ons, playlist style add-ons where the content is pulled from online xml files through to full web scraping add-ons. Rather than continually repeating the same steps over and over again I figured it might be useful if I added an extra option in the existing add-on creator at where you could have the relevant add-on auto-generated in a matter of seconds.

Watch the video below and see just how easy it is to create your very own add-ons but I would highly recommend watching this guide first as it will go through the steps needed to create your own repository (on a free, fast, secure and reliable server) and have all the dependencies correctly setup.

Happy coding and if there’s any questions please use the relevant forum:

My YouTube Add-on

My Playlist Add-on

Python Koding Framework Support

Generic Python Add-on Dev Support

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