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Join the team!

Recently we’ve seen a number of requests from developers asking if they can join the team at NaN. That’s brilliant – we’re really glad you want to use NaN as a support forum, just re-confirms with us that we’re all heading in the right direction 😀

I think there are some misconceptions on how things work here though so figured I’d write this up on behalf of the site owners and team just so everyone is on the same page…



If you want to use the forum to offer support for your add-ons then that’s brilliant, everyone has always been free to do so. Simply register on the forum, create a support thread titled “[RELEASE] add-on name” and that’s it. By creating a support thread you must abide by the site rules – please make sure you read, they are very important. These guidelines are mostly just common sense – they are there to keep the site as impartial and as friendly as possible.



If you want your repository zip file hosted somewhere to make it easier for users to install then everyone is welcome to have their repo zip added at no charge or with any commitment to the source at:

Unlike certain other sites NaN do not believe in randomly uploading repo zips just because they want to have a big list, that doesn’t help anyone and it’s not fair on the original developers as it can result in users being mislead into thinking that source is where that repo is officially supported. If you want your repo zip uploaded to the portal then all you need to do is notify a member of the team and they will be happy to help.

No other hosting is offered, NaN have never hosted any content other than what you find in the portal source and it is unlikely this will ever change. The rest of the site is for support only (blog site, forum and Add-on Portal etc.). If you require hosting please see the section below.


The likes of github and bitbucket have been offering free web hosting version control services since 2008 and they have been used (and continue to be used) not only by the official Kodi team but literally millions of other developers for various projects so why look anywhere else – this is what the experts use. There should be absolutely no need to get your own server and re-invent the wheel. Not only are these free but they are secure, fast and they have version control which makes it much easier to revert/branch/collaborate. It also means you’ll never lose any old versions of your code, every time you push an update the old versions still remain accessible on their servers and you can compare diffs between newer and older code which is perfect for bug tracking.

The way NaN works is every developer has their own repository using one of these services, this means the developer is in full control of their repository and they don’t have to wait on others to push updates on their behalf. If you choose to use NaN as your official support forum and agree to adhere to the site rules then you can request your repo gets added to the main noobsandnerds repo. This will mirror the contents of your “real” repo so there’s no problems with re-uploading content to 2 different repositories, you still only have to upload to your own repo and the noobsandnerds one will automatically update with the new changes.

If you find the thought of github to be a daunting prospect don’t be put off – tools have since been created to make it a very simple process. Not only is all the github software now available in desktop form (no need for complicated command line stuff) but I’ve also created a very easy to use add-on and repository creator which will do the hard work for you all via a basic web form. For more information please take a look at this page and if you want to know the basics of using github I would highly recommend watching the video all the way through.


I want to be a member of the team

We’re not sure how it’s done elsewhere but the team at NaN is relatively small (details here) and you don’t request to be a member of the team, you’re invited. If you’re invited to the team it’s a high accolade and is reserved only for those who’ve shown a willingness to continually help others, not for their own gain but just because they want to help improve the community.

It doesn’t matter how much technical knowledge you have; if you show a willingness to learn and are actively helping others then a member of the team will notice your efforts and an internal vote will be made on whether or not to invite you into the team. There is no “leader” in the group here at NaN, none of us in the team own the site we’re simply allowed to run it how we see fit so long as everything is done democratically – everyone in the team gets a vote and majority wins. No arguments – simple and fair.


If I can’t be a member of the “team” how do I get help?

There is an active development section on the forum where we all try and help out and that is a great place for support. There are also a number of different telegram groups setup by various members of the team where you can collaborate and discuss new ideas – I believe the NaN Scrapers one is quite active and is open to anyone with a keen interest on helping out and learning, ask a member of the team if you want to get involved and they’ll get you an invite link.


Are you made of the right stuff?

Whilst our ethos here has always been to welcome everyone and offer support wherever we can there appears to be two different mindsets in the Kodi development community at the moment, one of which contradicts many of the ethics in our forum rules…

Mindset 1: Most developers are in it for the same reasons everyone got into it during the early days of XBMC – simply to share, collaborate, learn and most of all give enjoyment to the end user. This type of developer does it for the love of the Kodi system and the community.

Mindset 2: Some developers only appear to be in it for bragging rights and do not care about the community one bit, they just need the users for personal gratification. If you’re constantly bragging about how your add-on is “the best this and the best that” or continually causing drama between other camps then I would urge you to read the site rules set out at NaN. If you fit in this category then clearly you’re not in it for the good of the community and I would imagine you cannot adhere to the rules as you have a completely different mindset to those at NaN.

If you’re mindset 1 then we would love to see you here at NaN, if you’re mindset 2 we would urge you to find a different support forum for your add-ons. The ethics of the two mindsets are completely opposite and as much as NaN want to be as impartial and as welcoming as possible we have to draw the line with those deliberately hurting the Kodi community.

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