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Become a developer – The 1hr intensive course

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Have you ever wanted to create your own Kodi add-on but have been put off by the confusing code, lack of support and confusing terminology?

Well if that’s you then today is you’re lucky day!

Last year we started a 6-episode YouTube series called Python Koding, the idea was to get a group of Kodi users together in a Google Hangout session and teach how to create a basic add-on. The series I feel went pretty well, however after the first 2-3 episodes it became apparent there’s a lot of functions a developer needs to create themsleves in order to get a working add-on. Some of these functions rely on pretty advanced techniques so you find yourself in at the deep end before you’ve learnt some of the more basic concepts – of course this is far from ideal.

After season 1 I decided to spend the following months creating a new Python Koding framework which simplifies the whole process of creating your own add-ons and now anyone can create their own repository and add-on in just a few minutes. If you’re interested in creating a repository on Github, learning how to use it correctly and creating your first working add-on using the Python Koding framework please watch the video below. Apologies in advance for the quality, unfortunately something went wrong with the recording and the audio went out of sync a few times – it’s not the most professional looking video I’ve ever knocked up but hopefully it should prove useful.

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