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Auto Enable Addons In Your Build – Kodi 17

If your a build maker and have had problems with addons failing to enable once a user has installed your build then dont worry because Aftermath Developer Surfacingx has your back.

The Aftermath Wizard will auto enable all addons on your build once it has been installed onto Kodi 17 by the end user but Surfacingx has went one further and created a file for every builder that is currently not using Aftermath wizard.

All you have to do is download the file from the link posted below and put it inside of the userdata folder of your build.

Once you have done that then backup your build as normal and now when your build has been downloaded by an end user the file will start to auto enable all of the addons in your build….no more failing messages, no more complaints.

After it has finished enabling the addons the file will then delete itself from your build.


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