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Bob – Improve Your Viewing!

Today we are going to look at a few things that will improve the results you get from Bob add-on.


HD/SD & Link Selection Dialog

There are now two ways you can choose a stream for a Movie or TV Show in Bob. Here’s how they work and the Pros and Cons of each method.


The HD/SD option is the default option when choosing a Movie or TV Show. If you have used Bob before, you will know that you get two options when picking a Movie or Show. You either get the choice of HD or SD.

HD Option – Selecting HD will make the Scrapers search for High-Quality links first such as 720p or 1080p, if available. If the scrapers cannot find an HD link then it will search for and play a lower quality stream.

SD Option – As with the HD option, selecting SD will make the scrapers search for and play an SD link. Choosing SD for older movies can produce faster results when searching for a stream.

Generally, you will only see the option of either HD or SD but in some cases like New Releases, for example, a Custom Link may be added as well. This is a link available on sites not scraped by NaN Scrapers.

Advantages of HD/SD

The advantages of using the default HD/SD option are that the add-on will look for the first working link for the quality you have chosen and play it automatically for you.

Disadvantages of HD/SD

Disadvantages of this method are that you cannot see which links are being found for your Movie/Show or from which scrapers. Meaning, if you were to get the Unplayable Stream message you would not know which scraper failed or if the content is even producing any results.

Link Selection Dialog

The new Link Selection Dialog will show you which scrapers have found links for the Movie or Show you have selected. It will also show you the quality of the stream. Link Selection will show all HD and SD links that NaN Scrapers have found for your Movie or Show.

By default, the Link Selection Dialog is disabled but can easily be enabled in Bob Settings.

Advantages Of Using Link Selection Dialog

The advantages of using the new Link Selection Dialog are that you get to see the links and can choose the best stream for you. Links are also temporarily cached in the database for a short period of time so if you wanted to watch a Movie again, you could click on it and the list of links would instantly show. So there is no waiting for it to scrape. The same caching is also used for HD/SD links.

Disadvantages Of Using Selection Dialog

The disadvantages of using the new selection dialog are that currently, the selection dialog does not act the same way as the HD/SD option does. HD/SD filters out the dead links which at the moment the selection dialog does not. You get a full list of all of the available links whether they are working links or not.

Openload & Video.me Links

Openload and Video.me are two of the more popular uploading sites that people use to upload content to. Due to their popularity within Kodi, the two sites have implemented pairing systems on their sites. This means whenever you select an Openload link or Video.me link you will get a pop-up message asking you to go to their sites and pair your device. Once you do pair with them then you can enjoy content from Openload and Video.me for up to 4 hours before you have to pair again.

It’s very easy to pair and only takes a few seconds. You can go to their sites from your phone (as long as it is on the same Wi-Fi connection as your box) and pair that way and the content you have chosen on your box will automatically play.

When using Bob Selection Dialog you will see the Openload links and The Video.me links show as Selection Dialog shows all links. The HD/SD option though will filter out these two sources and go to the first working that does not require a pair. Sometimes, however, Openload or The Video.me are the only two sources that have good versions or a movie or show you want to watch so in that case you can enable them to show from Bob Settings and the HD/SD options will give you the pairing message if it finds a link from one of those sources.

Openload Pair

Video.me Pair

Using Alluc To Get More Sources

Alluc is an excellent online search engine for streams and Bob add-on now has integration with Alluc which you can use to almost double the number of links Bob already gives you for a Movie or Show.

Without Alluc Account Enabled

With Alluc Account Enabled

Alluc does require you to sign up to their site for you to be able to use this source within Bob addon but sign ups are free and don’t take long at all.

Sign up to Alluc for free

Once you have signed up for free to alluc you can then enter your details into the alluc provider from Bob Settings and you will be able to get a lot more links from your movies or shows.

You can also set the max amount of links you want it to show. The default is set to 20 but can go as high as 200.

Advantages Of Using Alluc

The one major advantage of using Alluc is the massive improvement in the amount of sources you are given for content. You also find a lot more 1080p quality links.

Disadvantages Of Using Alluc

The disadvantages are that even though you get a lot more links, not all of them are guaranteed to work and sometimes you can find that some content has been mislabelled by the uploader, for example, a 1080p link may end up being 720p or a link labelled HD may actually be an HD-CAM or HD-TS.

Using Search

The Search feature in Bob is one of the best tools you can use. It will tell you which section of the addon has the content your looking for.

Top Tip:- When using search try to put the full name of the Movie, Show or Actor/Actress your looking for.

Adding one word can result in a huge list of search results.

Hopefully, this has been a helpful guide and will dramatically improve your viewing experience with the Bob Addon.

If you have any questions about Bob or would just like to say hello then why not head over to the Bob Support forum.

Bob Support