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How To Upload An Error Log

There are a number of different ways to upload a log file.

What is a log file and why do I need to upload one?

Log files provide information about your system and what is happening on your device when Kodi is running. Its important to provide a Developer of an addon with a log file when you are reporting any errors you are having with their addons. The reason for this is simple, the log will tell the Developer what the error is and will help them help you get to the bottom of the issue.

Simply posting on a forum or tweeting the Developer a message saying ‘hey i get an error on this’ is no good. Unless the Developer knows what the error is theres no way to help.

Here are four ways to upload your error log…

First of all it is better when uploading a log to recreate your error in the least steps possible. This will keep the log small and make it easier for everyone to find the issue. A lot of people leave their devices running all the time so to upload a log would mean it would be massive and harder to find the error. Make sure if you do what help with a certain error to first close Kodi, go to the addon casuing the error, recreate the error then upload your log.

1. Official Kodi Log Uploader

Kodi comes with a Log Uploader already built into its official repository. You can find it by going to Programs – Program Addons – More.

Its pretty simple to use. Click on Kodi Logfile Uploader and it will give you the following message…

Post the url it gives you on the relevant forum or send it to the Developer of the addon giving you issues.

2. Community Portal

If you have ever installed a build or searched for an addon chances are that you will have an addon like Community Portal already installed on your system.

To upload a log using Community Portal simply open the addon, click on Settings then go to Maintainance and click on ‘Click here to upload a log’.

Once you have done this you will like the first option be given a url that leads to your log.

3. Aftermath Wizard

If you have an Aftermath Wizard you can quickly and easily upload a log from there.

Go to your Aftermath Wizard and click on Maintenance.

Then  select Misc Maintenance

Select Upload Kodi Log

You will then be given a link to your error log.

you can also click on View Error log and view either your current log or your old log from inside of the wizard.

4. Ares Wizard Log Uploader

Ares Wizard which is similar to our Community Portal addon has some very good maintenance features one of them being their easy to use log uploader. If your a noob to Kodi and uploading logs then you may well find this one easy to use.

There are two ways to upload your log through Ares. The first being through the maintenance section of the wizard its self.

And the second being through the context menu which I find very handy. This means you can bring up the context menu anywhere in Kodi using either C on your keyboard or the menu button on your remote (the button with 3/4 lines).

Then simply click on Upload Kodi Log via Ares Project and your log url will be sent.

That was four easy ways to upload an error log. There are many other wizards and log uploaders around this was just four of the more popular ones. Another great wizard to checkout which also has log uploading is Aftermath Wizard.

Debug Logs

Normally a standard log will be all thats needed for a addon developer to find out what the error is your having but sometimes a Debug Log is needed for harder to spot errors. Debug Logs provide alot more information as to whats going on in your Kodi system including the clicks you make.

*be advised that some debug logs may contain sensitive information so please let the developer who is requesting a log know if you are not comfortable sharing a full debug log.

You can turn on debugging in most of the above log uploaders but if they do not have that setting then you can turn it on in Kodi its self by going to SYSTEM – SYSTEM – LOGGING – ENABLE DEBUG LOGGING.

Where To Install The Above Log Uploaders.

Kodi Logfile Uploader – from Programs – More.

For the below addons add the url provided as a source in file manager..

Community Portal –

Ares Wizard –

You can create an Aftermath Wizard by going to the link below.

Aftermath Wizard –


Edit (whufclee): In the highly unlikely event none of those add-ons are working you can manually upload a log to somewhere like pastebin. Full details of how to do this can be found here.