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Install And Setup Acestreams

Acestream Requirements for Android Devices

This guide will show you how to setup Acestreams on your Android device for us with Bob Sports section.

Step 1:
Once you have Bob setup on your device (guide for Bob installation below) go to the Noobsandnerds Repository and if you haven’t already then install Community Portal from the Program Addons section of the Repository. Now run Community Portal and go to Addon Portal, Once there select Manual Search and type in Plexus into the dialog box. Click on the Plexus addon from the results and then Install from Recommended install (use backup if recommended does not work), This will install the Plexus addon along with its official repository. After installation is completed you can find plexus in programs tab from the main menu. Select programs go to plexus hit the menu button to show context menu and select add-on settings. At the top of the page go to Ace Streams tab then scroll down to shutdown Ace Stream engine on playback stop and disable this feature. Make sure indicator is not on. This feature will not kick you out of kodi after playback had stopped an ace stream link.

Step 2:
Next step is to install Ace stream engine which is required. You can download this APK file from here using your browser or chrome app on your device. Please note you will see an arrow pointing downwards on the top left corner of your screen indicating downloading in progress. If you see the arrow stopped flashing download is complete. Now go to app installer, select local, and scroll till you see Ace stream engine. Select it and install.
You’re all most there… Now you have Ace Stream engine installed in your device. What we need to do from here is to unpack the file. So go to Apps or installed apps from your android OS and select Ace Engine for the file to unpack. You will see a sign in tap DO NOT SIGN IN. Exit from that page and go to the Kodi app select BOB

HTPC, Windows, Mac, Linux, Pie Devices follow Step 1.

Now you can enjoy any Ace Stream Links available in BOB