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MetalliQ Setup Guide

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This guide will show you how to do the initial setup of MetalliQ and run through some of the basics.

Today we are going to run through the basics of how to setup up MetalliQ addon. After you install the MetalliQ addon (details at the bottom of guide) you should see that it will automatically start to update the Movie, TV Shows, Live TV and Music players as well as setting up library folders for MetalliQ. If your not sure what players are then please see my blog on MetalliQ Players (link at the bottom of this post).



Once all players have been enabled you’re ready to get started. Now, remember you need addons installed on your system to use MetaliQ and although there are a lot of players available, not every addon has a player.

Changing Settings

Once the players have been enabled you can now setup MetalliQ.

Bring up the context menu and click on MetalliQ Settings. Once inside the settings, you will notice that you can change the way the players in MetalliQ are used.


There are seven tabs in settings that all have things you can change to improve your MetalliQ experience, General, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Live, Advanced and Appearance. I’m not going to go through everything in this tutorial but I will do other blogs on using things like Library features.

The General tab is for your basic setup such as re-running the Total Setup or updating players as well as setting up sources.

Movies, TV Shows, Music and Live sections are all pretty similar. Let’s take a look at the Movies tab.



The options you see above you will also see in the other categories with Music having a couple of extra things you can change. The main settings for Movies, Live and TV Shows are as follows…

Enable Players – This will Enable all of the available players for that section.

Preferred Player – Having a preferred player set is recommended which is why by default Movies, TV Shows and Music all have certain players set. The reason being that there are quite a few popular addons that are multi-site scraping addons and it has been implied by certain groups that you as the end user could use the Multi Selector feature to make these addons scrape sites rapidly in a matter of seconds. Something I myself find utterly ridiculous. I think the vast majority or you guys have the knowledge to know which addons are most likely to have the content you’re looking for.

Of course, MetalliQ is all about choice so who are we to stop you from using whatever players you want? With that being said if you click on Preferred Players you will be greeted with the following dialog…





As you can see there are quite a few players to choose from each of them let you know what type of player they are. If you have a favourite addon then you can simply select that addon from the list (if there is a player for it) and MetalliQ will set that as your preferred player for that section. For example, if I were to set Phoenix as my preferred player for Movies then MetalliQ would only search Phoenix for the Movie you have selected.

However, we all know that not every addon has all the content we’re looking for so by choosing ‘Selector’ from the top of the list we will get the option of multiple addons to search.



You can see that with Selector enabled that MetalliQ has found the movie Deadpool in 16 addons on my setup.

Now it’s important to note that so far all MetalliQ has done is search the title of the movie it has not scraped anything or any addon. There have been uneducated statements made that MetalliQ scrapes the addons and links. It does not. It uses Trakt and the IMDB, TVDB to search for the name of that movie in the addon players. So even though it has found Deadpool in 16 addons none of these addons has scraped any sites for links.

The Only time that any site scraping is done is when you have selected one of the addons from the list and the addon you have chosen starts to search for streams to that Movie in the same way it would if you were to search from that addon in the normal way.

Here are examples of Selector vs Preferred Player –

Selector (multiple addons)


Preferred Player (Specto)



You can see from the above picture how Selector and Preferred Player work.

Another thing you can do when using the Selector option is to enable only the Players you want to use. This will mean you get faster results.

To go this go to Settings then to the section you want to do this with select Enable Players. For this Example, I will use Movies.

You will then be asked if you would like to Enable all Movie (or whichever) Players. Select No.


Now you will be presented with the list of Movie Players which you can now choose the Players you want to use.


You can see that I have selected only four Players, this means whenever I look for a Movie it will only check the four addons I have chosen.

Preferred Library Player – As mentioned before you can use MetalliQ to add content from any addon to your library. I will be doing a separate guide on that which you will be able to find at the bottom of this one but basically with this setting you can select a seperate addon to use for playing content that has been added to the kodi-library by MetalliQ. For TVShows ther is also an option to use that preferred library player by default when adding content to your library from MetalliQ. If that option is not set, you will get a selection dialog with which you can select the player to use for that specific tvshow. You can change the player to use per show seperately at any time by clicking context menu on the tvshow in the library and clicking “choose default player”.

Preferred Player From Context Menu – The context menu player is used as a sort of fall-back option. I will go into this further in the MetalliQ Library setup guide but in short if you have added a movie from Exodus using MetalliQ to your library and you have set your preferred context player as Selector you could select that movie from the library and choose the context player from context menu which would then give you the selector dialog and you can play that movie from a different addon instead of just Exodus. Since v1.1.2, the context player is also available outside of the kodi-library.

Add Movies Played By Name To Library – By default this option is disabled but enabling it will mean that any content that you watch using the catchup feature in tv-portal will be added to your kodi-library automaticly.

Advanced & Appearance Settings

Advanced settings include the following.


Advanced will allow you to clear cache and hiding dialogs that some addons have so if for example, you were using a Player that is a Search player then MetalliQ would attempt to hide the search box from that addon while it looks for your content.

Some of the new advanced features include Export Libraries which lets you export your local library, Preferred Toggle which lets you set either Acceleration or Skin. If you have your Preferred Toggle set to Acceleration it will allow you to turn your Hardware Acceleration settings on and off, this may be useful for some Live TV Streams. Setting the Preferred Toggle as Skin will let you change between your Preferred Skin and your Alternative Skin, both of which you can change in MetalliQs settings.

Toggle Context Toggle which will allow you to add or remove your preferred Toggle to the context menu. The context player is mainly used as an alterative player in Library. If you have a Movie in your Library added from SALTS that wont play you can access the Context Player from your context menu and play the movie from a different addon.

Simultaneous Searches are the number players MetalliQ will search at one time. You can adjust this if you like but if you’re on a lower end device I recommend keeping it set as the default.

Appearance allows you to change the following things…


You have Style, this is the style of the icons and look of the MetalliQ skin. There is a number to choose from.


To change the skin style simply choose one of the themes then exit MetalliQ and go back to addon settings then go to the Advanced tab and click on Clear Cache then hit OK. Once it has confirmed that MetalliQ cache has been cleared, re-entering and you will be greeted with your new style MetalliQ skin.


You can also change your background. Simply repeat the above process and you background fanart for MetalliQ will also change.


You can also change the language for the TMDB Sections. By default the language the addon uses will go off the default language you have set in Kodi but you can change that by selecting Language for TMDB and choose the language you want to change to then exit the addon (clear cache if you wish) and re-entering MetalliQ. Now when you choose a TMDB list you will find that (where applicable) the movie titles have changed to the new language.


Period To Use Most ‘ ‘ – Sections of Trakt can also be changed. The default will show you the weekly most watched on Trakt but you can also set it to Monthly, Yearly or All.

Items Per Page in Trakt can also be changed to show more or fewer movies/tv shows.

And lastly, you can force the views of MetalliQ to change to which view you like the best.


The view change is currently a work in progress and currently only changes the view once exiting than entering the section you have changed or when you have played an item from that section.

This is the end of the guide. I hope this has been of some help to you. For more information on MetalliQ check out the links below.

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