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Python Koding – Create your own add-ons

We have great pleasure in announcing a new TV Show that’s dedicated to folks who want to learn how to make their own Kodi (or xbmc4xbox) add-ons.

The pilot of “Python Koding” has been released today (15th June 2016) and already has an entry on TVDB. You can view the latest episodes on my YouTube channel but through the course of season 1 we’ll be creating an add-on together which pulls all the episodes and allows you to watch them via Kodi.

The idea behind the show is to try and encourage more active development in the community and help those who’ve attempted to create their own add-ons but have given up due to lack of understanding. Each week will see a group of users joining in and learning how to code; starting off at total noob level with zero coding knowledge and hopefully graduating to competent add-on developers within a few weeks. We also have a number of existing developers interested in playing a role in the show so over the coming weeks you will no doubt get to meet some of them too.

If you’re looking for a quick copy/paste coding solution then this is not for you, we will be creating add-ons from scratch and explaining how and why things work the way they do. The ultimate goal of the show is bringing Kodi based development back to it’s opensource roots – with everyone freely sharing ideas and code. Together we can (and WILL) make something amazing.


Ep. 1: Terminology & Structure (PILOT)
Ep. 2: Functions, Statements & Indentation
Ep. 3: Dialogs & Video Playback
Ep. 4: Creating playable video links
Ep. 5: Lists, Loops & Regex.
Ep. 6: Creating Directories.

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