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Brand new add-ons!

For those of you that aren’t aware, Community Portal is going under reconstruction. Well actually it’s been going under reconstruction for many months in the background but we thought it was probably time to let you know more about it. Some of you will have no doubt already seen the new excellent TV Portal add-on that was released, well that is just the first of many great new add-ons which will be released over the coming months/years from noobsandnerds. These add-ons will be able to hook into a totally new framework called Community Portal and the old CP add-on will be retired. We will also be opening this new framework to any add-on developer from any other site to hook into, absolutely everyone is welcome – it’s for the community and in no way will it be locked down to this site. More info will be coming soon.

I thought Community Portal was all about Community Builds?

NO the Community Portal is not just for Community Builds, that is just one very small part of the code.

It’s become apparent that some of the newer users to Kodi only follow social media sites and not the actual forums (where real development information and support can be found). This has unfortunately lead to wide-spread mis-information on a number of Kodi related topics – Community Portal being just one of those affected but more importantly lots of actual Kodi advice being thrown around is totally incorrect and could potentially cause severe issues with your hardware. There is actually some really good information out there on the likes YouTube IF you’re willing to hunt around for it but unfortunately most of the good info is being drowned out by all the popular channels offering quick (incorrect) fixes, regurgitating the same stuff over and over and generally just looking to make a quick buck through their ads. While on that note, if you want a source for reliable YT guides you may want to install the NaN Tutorials add-on which links to some of the more knowledgable YouTubers out there.

Ok so what IS Community Portal?

Back in the day when I created TotalXBMC we had an add-on called Total Installer. This had a comprehensive tutorials section as well as a huge amount of maintenance features (probably the most comprehensive maintenance add-on in existence) but it’s stand out feature was the Add-on Portal. The Add-on Portal was created to fill an obvious gap in the community – a master library of ALL known add-ons which the community could help with by marking them as broken, adding notes, adding help guides/videos, categorising into different genres/countries and even adding new content to the portal. Total Installer could install anything from this library just with a simple click – no more entering lots of different sources into the file manager to install different repositories, EVERYTHING was available via this add-on.

So what happened to the Add-on Portal?

Due to other obligations and lack of time I handed the site over to new owners and I was consulted on a number of new exciting features they wanted to add and I have to say they done a fantastic job – the site looks SO much better than when it was TotalXBMC! The main change for end users though was the release of Community Portal, one master add-on for all things Kodi related. The same great features that were in Total Installer are still there and in fact the Add-on Portal (at time of print) now has twice as many add-ons as it did a year ago (now 5,000+ add-ons!) but I think some of the features were somehow being lost in the menu structure somewhere so we’ve now fixed that.

We could see the majority of people that were using Total Installer are still using Community Portal for installing their add-ons but as far as newcomers go they seemed to skip pretty much every section of CP and only use the Community Builds area (which was never in Total Installer) and presumably for some reason were installing via adding sources in file manager. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this method it just seems a very bizarre and very outdated method to use – the portal automatically grabs new add-ons DIRECT from the developers repo pretty much in real time whereas these sources you add to file manager are often days behind and also often have outdated versions re-uploaded to their servers which can sometimes cause issues.

The Add-on Portal really is the most comprehensive list of Kodi based add-ons in existence and many of the older members in the community still spend time on updating details via the web form, however we could certainly use more of you updating things like guides and broken status of add-ons. Currently it looks a bit of a mess and doesn’t match the layout of the new site theme but don’t worry it’s still fully functional.

Can I still use my existing Community Portal add-on?

For now the answer is yes because the new version isn’t yet ready for release and we will not be releasing until it’s been fully tested and confirmed as working without losing any of the existing great features. We will more than likely roll out the new add-on for testing sometime in the next few months, depending on how much time we all have to spare on it!

Well that’s it, just a quick glimpse into what’s coming and some clarification on what the noobsandnerds site is about. One of the team will update this page as and when any new add-ons/information is available. Hope to see you on the forum soon.

Community Portal Add-ons:

These are add-ons which are due to be incorporated into the new Community Portal framework. The user will of course be able to customise and incorporate whatever add-ons they wish but these will most likely be the main add-ons incorporated as they all form a great framework. These will cover everything you could possibly need, from videos, music and live tv to security and tutorials.

NaN Tutorials
Security Shield
TV Portal


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