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TV Portal – The ultimate TV Guide

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Easy Setup Guide
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Grab Listings (mc2xml)
Grab USA Listings (zap2xml)
Importing XML Files
Super Favourite Integration
Synchronise Setup On Multiple Devices
Create Dummy Channels & Icons


OK so the wait is finally over, the first of many new NaN add-on releases is here and what a cracker it is!

TV Portal is certainly more for the nerds than the noobs but once setup you’ll have a very simple to use TV Guide with some very unique standout features…

Fast & Responsive: Unlike certain other guides TVP uses a fast database system rather than slow xml text files. Loading and navigating is now a painless experience.

Fully Customisable: Add ANY Channel, either import your own XMLTV files for your own listings or just add dummy channels with no data. The latter is great for linking directly to add-ons in the EPG or adding 24/7 channels.

Dynamic: Using the brilliant Super Favourites add-on you can add any stream from any add-on to the TVP folder. Like magic that channel will suddenly appear in the EPG with full listing info!

Filter Categories: Got a huge guide with hundreds or even thousands of channels? No longer do you have to spend ages trawling through the listings, if you just want sports channels just click left in the guide and chose the sports category. Want educational and kids categories to show? No problem just tick both those categories and like magic they appear! You can fully customise your own categories via TVP Tools too.

Channel Surfing: Ever pressed one of the directional buttons only for your live steam to freeze? No need to worry about that anymore as TVP has an on screen mini guide which appears when you press up/down/left/right. Just like you get with any good cable provider you’ll see a mini guide appear where you can scroll through channels, see what’s on and switch channel. All while not having to navigate away from the channel you’re currently watching.

Auto Sync: Synchronise one setup with multiple devices even if they aren’t on the same network. This is a premium feature which requires login but unlike certain other sites we DO NOT charge for the premium features. You just need to enter your NaN login info – as you know it’s free to sign up to the forum and takes a matter of minutes.

Plus Much More…

There are many more features we’re working on and no doubt a few I’ve forgotten to mention. An adult filter is currently a WIP and you can already hide XXX channels from the categories, import of online or local playlists works too as does PVR integration (for the most part). Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel for the latest updates and of course the latest updates will be announced here on the forum first Smile

Help Needed: First of all thanks to naquada who created many of the original channel icons for OTTV and FXB78 who done lots of the skinning – you guys have made it nice and simple for the community to help out. If anyone out there wants to try their hand at skinning for the EPG or creating channel icons that will be a great help, there are literally hundreds of channels that need icons made! I will post more details and templates soon.

Credits: Huge thanks to all involved with the original add-on this was forked from (esp. Spoyser for the majority of the code) and forked following the GPL. The original TV Guide add-on from the kodi repo was used as a base for that add-on so big thanks to twinther for that and of course everyone involved in testing.

Install Instructions:

You can install from the noobsandnerds repo in the programs section.

We highly recommend you use this setup guide from ARB though, no matter how much of a pro you are there are always some extra steps which can easily be missed – we’re continually trying to improve the code which can often mean new features and you don’t want to miss out on them!

Source Code: The TVP add-on has been forked from script.tvguidedixie and you can find the source code of the fork here.

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