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Flashing Roms/Firmware

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The chances are if you’ve got an android or linux based set top box you WILL need to update the firmware at some point. It’s extremely rare sellers will go to the trouble of finding good firmware for a device so you’ll more than likely have to do some research yourself if you want to get the most out of your device. Freaktab is a great place to start your search for new firmware. Follow this guide below on how to flash with new firmware BUT first of all make sure the firmware you’re flashing is compatible with your device otherwise you do run the risk of bricking the device!


Why Would I Need To Update Firmware?

As mentioned it’s very rare to find good sellers that actually know what they are doing, there are some great ones out there who take the time to educate their customers but the majority just shift as many units as they can with no intention of learning the basics of how to even use the product their selling. Here’s the most common things you’ll find with units that are running poor firmware:

  • Jumpy or stop/start playback
  • Video output not fitting the screen properly
  • Audio out of sync with video
  • Poor Wi-Fi signal strength
  • Overheating
  • Random reboots or getting kicked out of Kodi

If you’re encountering any of those issues then there’s a very good chance the firmware you have installed on your device is just not good enough. Unfortunately finding a reliable one is not always simple and it’s often a case of trial and error installing various ones until you find one you’re happy with. If it’s a relatively new device that hasn’t been out long then there’s also a very good chance you’ll need to make a compromise and put up with something not quite working correctly until a solid custom firmware has been released.



Installing firmwares is a risky thing to do, the process is pretty straight forward and simple but you MUST do your homework. By this I mean read through pages and pages of forum threads, ask for advice on the relevant forums whenever in doubt and NEVER try to flash a firmware unless you’re absolutely certain it’s compatible with your device. Flashing an incompatible firmware will more than likely result in your device being nothing more than a doorstop!


How To Update The Firmware:

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