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Installing a Community Build

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We highly recommend installing the Advanced Task Killer apk which you can download from here. This will allow the Community Portal add-on to force close your device even if it’s not rooted and will make the whole process much simpler. There are lots of task killer apps available but only this one works for the purposes we need so make sure you install the version linked above. Just download from the link above on your Android device, find your downloads folder and click on the file – it will then install and you can continue with the rest of this guide.


This guide is designed for those who are already familiar with the very basic functions of XBMC/Kodi and have successfully installed the Community Portal add-on. If you haven’t yet installed the Community Portal add-on you can find more details on how to install here. If you’re not yet familiar with add-ons, repositories and the general basics of Kodi I strongly suggest you familiarise yourself with the basics first – we have some great simple to follow tutorials on here which should help you on your way.

Step 1 (Add-on Settings):

noobsandnerds login: Enter your login details in the Community Portal add-on settings, this is your noobsandnerds forum login. You need to enter your username and NOT your email address and please make sure you use capital letters where needed – it is case sensitive for both username and password. When you’ve entered your details click the button to check they are correct and that will notify you whether or not they’ve been entered correctly.

Show/Hide Content: In here you get to choose what you want to be able to view in the CP addon; by default adult content, private builds and the ability to see ALL builds are disabled. There are lots of other sections you can enable/disable in here but as this guide is solely for Community Builds we’ll just focus on those options for now…

“Show ALL Builds” – if you enable this you’ll be able to view all the different builds out there and not just the ones marked as compatible with the version of Kodi you’re currently running. Enabling this option is perfectly safe to do but if you choose to install a build not marked as compatible with your version of Kodi you do so at your own risk. It’s up to the build author to mark their build as compatible with Helix, Isengard, Jarvis etc. It may be a build works just fine on a your version of Kodi and the author just didn’t have that version of Kodi installed and was unable to test but if you choose to install you must be aware it’s you’re decision to take that risk so if it breaks something don’t come whinging to the build author or the NaN team!

“Show Private Content” – if you’ve created your own private build and added it to the portal you’ll need this option enabled. Once this is enabled you’ll see a new menu item for private builds, if you find the list is empty please double check the IP address you added to the web form when uploading your private build – you need your public IP address and not a local IP address. You can find your public IP address by clicking the IP option in the maintenance section of the addon (in the nerds section). If you entered an IP address beginning with 192.168 that is the wrong IP address, that is a local IP address that is only accessible from devices on your network – this is the IP Kodi shows in system info and is not the one you want.

“Enable XXX Content” – For obvious reasons this is disabled by default, there are a lot of builds out there that contain adult themed content so if you want to install one of these builds but can’t find it this is most likely the reason. Just enable the XXX option and you’ll be able to see all the builds that contain adult material, you’ll also be able to search for adult addons in the addon portal too once this is enabled.

Community Builds: This section is all about your Community Builds settings, lets go through each of them…

“Choose Backup Storage Location” – To install a build you need to set somewhere for it to download the zip file to, this location is also used for any backups you make. The location you choose must have write access so we’d recommend an external HDD or USB stick, if you have a low spec device where this isn’t possible (such as AFTV) then you should be able to use your download folder for that device – this location varies from device to device so you’ll need to work that out yourself. Unfortunately at this time network locations are not possible. DO NOT use your Kodi folder as a location!

“Keep local copies of downloaded builds” – DO NOT enable this on low spec devices like the AFTV, this will store a copy of the zip file of the build you downloaded. This is pretty much pointless at this moment in time and remains from the older style builds, it may come out – it’s really only of any use if you’ve added details of a third party wizard (more info on that later on).

“Create full duplicate as well as universal build” – Really there is no reason you’d enable this it’s just for any geeks out there. If you choose to create a backup of your existing setup it will create a “universal” version which strips out some of the unwanted stuff and renames paths so it will work on all devices. If you want an exact duplicate of your existing setup then enabling this option will do just that. WARNING: Enabling this option could use up many gigabytes of storage!!!

“Keep my favourites when installing a build” – This will keep your Kodi favourites and copy them over to your new build you’re installing. Please note this is KODI favourites and not super favourites, Genesis favourites etc.

“Keep my sources when installing a build” – This will copy over your file manager sources to the new build (things like noobsandnerds, fusion, xunity etc.)

“Use Third Party Community Builds” – If you want to install a build from another “wizard” that’s not available on the Community Portal then you can add details of the third party wizard in here. We do not recommend using third party wizards, they all use very old Community Portal code which we got rid of for a reason – it can have long term effects on your device and is very flawed. Regularly using one of these third party wizards will eventually take it’s toll on your device and you will end up having to throw it away or use it as a door stop. Just as we don’t recommend using third party wizards we do not recommend using this option either, we’ve improved the install process as much as possible and using this option rather than an actual wizard is slightly better but it still uses that same old code and we DO NOT recommend it. Just stick to installing builds via the normal Community Portal method which is MUCH safer.

Click OK to save your settings once you’re happy.

Step 2 (Installing a build):

1) In the Community Portal add-on navigate to the build you want to install (in the Install > Community Builds menu).

2) Click on description to make sure this is the one you want installed, the description may well include details of any known bugs or fixes so always worth checking in here before installing.

3) Click the Standard Install option to start the download process. Once downloaded you should receive a message asking if you want to keep your existing Kodi settings, this is the settings you should have already setup (screen calibration, region, PVR, audio output etc.). If you’ve already entered this information then the CP add-on will let you merge the new build details with your existing setup meaning you don’t lose all those settings you’ve spent time setting up, you can of course choose to overwrite with the ones in the build but if you do that you may find the builders settings aren’t compatible with your device.

At the end of the day it depends on how lazy you want to be, if you can’t be bothered to setup your initial Kodi settings then you probably shouldn’t be using Kodi in the fist place lol. The chances are if you choose the option to overwrite your existing settings with the ones in the build then you’ll have some settings you’ll need to change so the system is optimised for your device/setup. Worst case scenario is you could end up with an incompatible resolution and you may need to get your hands a little dirty trying to fix that issue but it’s rare that should happen.

4) Community Portal is the only solution available for installing multiple profiles/builds so at the end of the install process it will check to see if the setup you currently have is already saved as a “CP profile”. If it’s not then it will ask you to enter a name for this profile, this is the setup you were running PRIOR to installing your new build so for example if it’s a blank install with no add-ons you may want to just call it “vanilla”. The original setup will now be backed up and a new profile created for it and your Kodi should automatically switch into the new build you just installed. You can switch from build to build via the Community Portal addon homepage.

5) CONFLUENCE: When switching builds you may find the skin is on Confluence, don’t worry this is perfectly normal behaviour. Unlike other wizards the Community Portal addon downloads all the required addons direct from the relevant developers repositories after the restart of Kodi. This ensures you’re not slowly killing your device by constantly overwriting add-ons already present on your system and makes sure you’re always on the latest versions supported by the developers as well as the installing the correct version add-ons for your Kodi install. As soon as your skin has updated the skin will automatically switch over. DO NOT manually attempt to change skin via Kodi settings during this time!


Skin Doesn’t Look Right:

Please make sure you read step number 5 above before reading this, you must make sure you followed that before moving onto this. Ok so even though you followed step 5 above something still isn’t quite right… It may be you need to force the update of your addons, go to Kodi settings > add-ons > then click to the left to bring up the hidden side menu (some skins this may be up or down but on Confluence it’s left). In this menu you’ll see the option to check for updates, click this and it should force the add-ons to update. If you see a load of add-ons stuck for a long time you may require a restart then you should find everything updates as normal.


Skin STILL Doesn’t Look Right!

Ok this is where the guisettings fix comes into play, sounds like your guisettings didn’t stick for some reason so navigate to the Community Portal add-on and you should see it displays the build you’re currently running. If you click on this it will take you to the build page and you can choose to re-install the guisettings, this is a small file and means you don’t have to go through the whole process of reinstalling the full build – should take about 2 seconds. If it’s not showing the build details on the add-on homepage just navigate to the build via install content > community builds and you’ll see the guisettings option there.


Updating a build:

The Community Portal uses unique new revolutionary code that allows you to update your build simply without needing to delete your old one and potentially harming your device. As soon as an update is available it will show you in the homepage of the CP add-on, click on that and you’ll see the options are now there to update. These update options only appear when an update is available.


I tried to install a build, it failed and now I no longer have the install option

If the install process failed halfway through please make sure you upload a log so we can see what’s going wrong. Most common error is the builder has uploaded a bad version but it may be a new update has been pushed to the CP add-on that’s broken something so unless you let us know on the forum we have no way of knowing there’s an issue. It’s imperative you do let us know as soon as you find something is wrong, Kodi is based on community interaction – developers rarely actually use their own add-ons and just do it on a voluntary basis for the good of the community.

If you think it could just be your internet failed then you can choose the “reset add-on” option in add-on settings – it’s under the maintenance tab, the very last setting at bottom of the page. Please only use this as a very last resort, it shouldn’t be used regularly as you’ll have to re-enter all your settings again including login information.


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