New Add-on Portal Coming Soon

This section is currently under construction but should be live within the next few weeks.
Thank you for your patience while we finish tweaking the new site.

Please note: This does not affect the Add-on Portal section in the Community Portal add-on. You can still continue to use that for installing your add-ons however we have been made aware of 2 glitches, these will be fixed once the new website is online:

1. If using a Kodi version which still uses the old Python 2.6 (generally speaking that's Android or OSX lower than Krypton) then a lot of content will fail to install. This is out of our control and is due to the fact nearly all repo's are now hosted on secure domains (https) opposed to the old http, unfortunately you need a minimum of Python 2.7 (Kodi Krypton) to access anything using https.

2. When attemtping to install an item via Community Portal it seems to often fail on the first attempt, run the install a second time and more often than not you'll find the add-on installs just fine.